Hill: Cruachan Charna (Isle of Carna)
Date: Saturday 3rd September 2011
Company: Myself and Tag
Time: 1 Hr

A couple of weeks ago, I organised the charter of a boat to take over me to the Isle of Carna, which is situated in Loch Sunart.
I undertook the trip this morning with Ardnamurchan Charters – highly recommended .

The downside to organising trips so far in advance is that you have to take your chances with the weather. Today the weather was pants!

I set out this morning from the Corran Bunkhouse, took the Corran ferry over to Ardgour and then drove round to Laga Bay in Ardnamurchan. It rained pretty-much non-stop throughout the morning, so the photos were taken very quickly whilst trying to keep the camera dry.

Ardnamurchan Charters, Laga Bay:

Laga Bay jetty:

Isle of Carna from Laga Bay:

To get to the Isle of Carna, I set out with the staff who manage and maintain the holiday homes on the Isle of Carna.
To get back to Laga Bay, after the walk, I was taken across on my own on a smaller boat.

Looking back to Laga Bay:

Isle of Carna:

Approaching the jetty on the Isle of Carna:

Cruachan Charna:

On departing the boat, I was given some friendly advice about the easiest way up the hill – go up through the trees and carry on to the top of the gully then ascend the final section round the back of Cruachan Charna. I was advised the only route to avoid was up through the slabby rocks.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Isle of Carna jetty (in-bound and out-bound boats):

Looking back towards jetty:

I set off, accompanied by the boat owner's dogs. One of the dogs accompanied me all the way to the summit and back .

Approaching the small wood:


Exiting the small wood:

Following faint path through deep grass:

After passing the wood, I decided to ascend the shoulder to the right of the wide gully. This led to the steep slabby section that I was advised to avoid. This route did however avoid large areas of high bracken. I still had to pass through a few small sections of waist to shoulder high bracken before using deep heather as handholds to ascend the steep rocky section.

Ascending steeply through bracken:

It was a bit of a relief to reach the summit area – the cairn is the summit.

Looking back towards jetty from summit area of Cruachan Charna:

Tag at the summit of Cruachan Charna:

I wasn't keen to descend the same way, so I headed for the top of the wide gully and then back down the hill towards the jetty.

Descent from top of wide gully:

Nice flower:

On reaching the jetty, I was taken back across to Laga Bay in a wee fast boat.

A bit of an adventure, shame about the weather.