Hill: Blaeloch Hill
Date: Wednesday 12th October 2011
Company: Just myself
Time: 1Hr 45Mins

I undertook a late afternoon / early evening walk up Blaeloch hill today.

I was really looking forward to ascending this hill to get nice views across to Arran.
Unfortunately the clag was right down, so views were almost non-existent .

I parked in a small lay-by next to the track running between Camphill reservoir and Muirhead reservoir.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Looking towards Camphill reservoir and Catburn from start of walk:

I followed the track as far as Catburn, where I climbed over a gate to access the hillside.

Muirhead reservoir dam from bridge:

Camphill reservoir from bridge:

The ascent of Blaeloch hill turned out to be quite unpleasant; really wet underfoot with loads of long grass. I think this would be a good hill to do in Winter.

Lower slopes of Blaeloch hill:

A short distance beyond Catburn, I had to climb over a barbed-wire fence.

Lichen on fencepost:

I made my way up the hill alongside a burn.

Ascent alongside burn:

Small waterfalls:

Looking back to Muirhead reservoir:

Looking back to Muirhead reservoir, Catburn and Camphill reservoir:

I'm sure the views would be pretty-good on a nice day, but not today.


As I made my way towards the summit of Blaeloch hill, after climbing over another fence I reached a tarmac track that was not marked on the map. I guessed that this was the track being used for the constuction of the new wind-farm on Blaeloch hill.

Tarmac track (not on map):

Next to the tarmac track was a transmitter, also not marked on the map.

Transmitter next to tarmac track:

Thanks to my GPS, I found the featureless summit of Blaeloch hill.

Featureless summit of Blaeloch hill:

Small lochan near summit:

During the final ascent to the summit, I could hear the sound of heavy machinery nearby. On the way back, I decided to follow the noise to have a look at goings-on.

I passed a nice tripod that had been left on the hill and then came to an under-construction wind turbine.

Nice tripod to leave on the hill:

I decided not to get too close as no doubt I would get moaned at about Health & Safety .

Building a wind turbine:


I then walked along the tarmac track for a couple of hundred metres before climbing back over the fence and returning roughly via my inbound route.

Generator a short distance from the transmitter:

By the time I got back to the car, despite wearing gaiters, I had literally one-inch of water in my boots.