Hill: Meall Dubh
Date: Friday 4th November 2011
Company: Myself and Beinn
Distance: 17.3km
Time: 4Hrs 30Mins
Dog friendly: Yes

On Friday, I ascended Meall Dubh – a Graham a short distance from Ullapool. I parked at the walker's car park at Inverlael, which is used mainly for ascents of the Beinn Dearg Munros.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

From Inverlael, I followed the track towards Glensguaib until I reached the first bridge over the River Lael.

Forest on lower slopes of Meall Dubh (above Inverlael):

On reaching the first bridge, I crossed the bridge and then took a left to start zig-zagging up to the upper forest track - I was aware from reading previous reports of this hill that taking the lower paths would necessitate crossing a 6ft deer fence.

Crossing the first bridge over the River Lael:

The forest tracks were pretty-good.

Forest track:

Looking back towards Inverlael:

While walking along the forest track, I was a bit surprised to see a thistle still in bloom. This provided me the first opportunity to try out a close-up with my new camera.


It was nice, during the ascent, to see the track leading up Gleann na Sguaib towards the Beinn Dearg Munros. Brought back some good memories of a scorching day on these hills a number of years previous.

View towards Beinn Dearg hills:

Once on the upper track, I was a bit worried to find Forestry Commission signs warning not to carry on any further due to tree felling. Having come this far, I chose to ignore the signs and continue on. I encountered no felling on the upper track - the felling was actually taking place down nearer the lower tracks.

As I approached the end of the upper forest track, I took a left to follow a wide vehicle track out of the forest and up the hill. Once out of the forest, An Teallach started to come into view.

An Teallach:

Seana Bhraigh and Beinn Dearg hills:

Meall Dubh come into view under 2km from the summit. No surprises where Beinn is in the next photo.

Meall Dubh:

Beyond the end of the wide vehicle track, I followed a fainter ATV track to within a couple of hundred metres of the summit.

View from summit of Meall Dubh:

I had hoped to get good views of the Coigach and Assynt hills from the summit. Unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy in that direction.

Coigach and Assynt hills from summit of Meall Dubh:

Beinn at the summit of Meall Dubh:

Loch an Daimh from summit:

I didn’t spend too long at the summit, as it looked as though some heavy rain was heading my way. Despite the clouds, it stayed dry .

Looking back to the small un-named lochan from the summit:

Beinn Ghoblaich:

On the way back from the summit, Beinn went into the unnamed lochan near the summit. He then disappeared for about a minute. When he appeared again he was filthy .

Muckit mutt:

We returned to the car via the same route.
Beinn was still as dirty when we reached the car so a quick stop was needed at Ullapool to clean him in the sea .