Hills: A'Chailleach and Sgurr Breac
Date: Sunday 20th November 2011
Company: Myself, Dan, Graeme and 4 other Club members
Distance: 17km, Ascent: 1220m

I set off from home quite early yesterday morning to catch the Moray Mountaineering Club bus departing from Elgin to the Fannichs. After stopping to pick-up members in Forres, Nairn and Inverness, 46 members and guests were aboard the bus - a fantastic turnout.

A couple of hours later, after dropping off members at various points along the A835, the bus parked-up at the A832 - near the track leading to Loch a' Bhraoin.

I set off with a number of Club members to undertake a circuit of A'Chailleach and Sgurr Breac.
I had ascended these hills once previously, back in April 2003.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

From the A832, we walked circa 1km along the track leading to Loch a' Bhraoin.

Walking along the track from the A832 to Loch a' Bhraoin:

Looking towards glen between Sgurr nan Clach Geala and Sgurr Breac:

On reaching a track junction, we took a left to reach the bridge crossing the outflow of Loch a' Bhraoin. A short distance thereafter, we began the ascent of Leitir Fhearna.

Looking across end of Loch a' Bhraoin to Meall an t-Sithe:

Ascending Leitir Fhearna:

Ascending Leitir Fhearna:

Looking back from Leitir Fhearna (cloud-capped Beinn Dearg hills in distance):

The ascent of Leitir Fhearna was fairly steep, and I certainly broke a sweat given the good pace that was set .

I couldn't recall having ascended Leitir Fhearna on my previous visit to these hills but the following photo shows that I did.

Joyce, Peter and Derek at top of Leitir Fhearna (April 2003):

A brief stop at the top of Leitir Fhearna (back to 2011):

We then continued on along the Druim Reidh ridge for a short distance before taking a by-pass path, skirting below the top of Toman Coinnich. We stopped for a quick sandwich below a huge boulder, which offered us some shelter from the wind.

The by-pass path from the large boulder:

After our brief stop underneath the boulder, we continued onto the col between A'Chailleach and Toman Coinnich and then onto the summit of A'Chailleach.

Cloud-covered summit of A'Chailleach:

From A'Chailleach, we returned to the col and then ascended to the summit of Toman Coinnich, a Munro Top.

Cairn at the summit of Toman Coinnich:

From Toman Coinnich, we continued on towards the summit of Sgurr Breac.

A bit disappointing that our tops were cloud-covered. So much for a forecast of 80% cloud-free Munros. I guess we were amongst the 20% of cloud-covered Munros .

Summit of Sgurr Breac:

We followed a compass bearing from Sgurr Breac towards the high point of the path running between Loch a' Bhraoin and Loch Fannich.

Looking back at the descent from Sgurr Breac:

It was then a bit of a plod back out to Loch a' Bhraoin and the bus. This path is not as good as I had remembered it.

Path leading out to Loch a' Bhraoin:

Looking back along path leading to Loch Fannich:

Sgurr Breac, A'Chailleach and Leitir Fhearna:

By 16:30, everyone was back on the bus. We then made our way home, stopping for an hour or so in the Aultguish Inn, to re-hydrate.

A good day out. I definitely need to start going on more Bus Meets.