Hill: Windlestraw Law
Date: Sunday 3rd February 2013
Company: Just myself
Distance: 7.9km, Ascent: 390m
Time: 2Hrs

The weather this morning was not great. With the prospect of a five-hour drive ahead to get home, I decided to ascend a solitary, short, straight-forward Graham. Windlestraw Law fitted these requirements perfectly.

I drove from my B&B in Moffat to the B709, several miles beyond Innerleithen. I parked in a small lay-by a few hundred metres away from the start of the track.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

The walk along the road was a bit of a battle against the wind. If the wind was this strong at 270m, it was not going to be pleasant at the summit. After going through a gate, I followed the track ascending diagonally up the hillside.

Walking along the B709 to the start of the track:

The temperature yesterday was -3C and the ground was nice and frozen. Today the temperature was +8C and the ground was a wet, boggy mess.

Initial section of track ascending Windlestraw Law:

During the ascent, I quickly come to the conclusion that this hill is used extensively for grouse shooting - numerous grouse feeders, grouse butts and spent shotgun cartridges.

A grouse feeder:

As expected, the wind strength increased as I gained height.

Ascending Windlestraw Law:

Grouse butts:

Snow-covered track:

Mountain hare:

I was almost blown off my feet a couple of times as I approached the summit. If anyone in the Scottish Borders heard someone shouting “bleep bleep" (censored) today, that would have been me getting seriously annoyed with the wind .

Approaching the summit trig point:

I had a wee wander around the summit area to make sure I visited the potential high points.

I noticed that Windlestraw Law has another top, allegedly just 2m below the summit. If it wasn’t so windy, I would definitely have visited this other top. Today it was just a case of get back off the hill.

At the summit of Windlestraw Law:

Looking across to Whitehope Law during the descent:

While I do enjoy almost every hill I ascend, I can’t say I enjoyed this one .