Hill: Braigh na h-Eaglaise
Date: Wednesday 3rd April 2013
Company: Myself and Beinn
Distance: 3.8km, Ascent: 250m
Time: 1Hr

A very quick smash and grab Marilyn today en-route to Caithness.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I parked a short distance away from the main road near the start of the track. I then continued on through the unlocked gate towards the hill.

Start of walk:

A couple of minutes after setting off, on looking back I could see a tractor pull up to the gate and the farmer locked the gate with a large chain and padlock. I continued on hoping that I would find a way to get Beinn back to the other side of the fence as there was no chance of lifting him over the high gate.

Ascent of Braigh na h-Eaglaise:

I continued on at a good pace.

Looking back:

Looking back:

During the ascent, I approached a number of stags from downwind of them. Circa 20 seconds after first seeing them they caught sight of myself and Beinn and made a quick exit.

Stags on Braigh na h-Eaglaise:

Stags on Braigh na h-Eaglaise:

Looking towards the summit of Braigh na h-Eaglaise:

Looking back:

It was nice to see Morven and Scaraben from the summit. A wild camp on these hills was one of my favourite ever walks.

Morven, Smean and Scaraben from the summit of Braigh na h-Eaglaise:

Beinn at the summit of Braigh na h-Eaglaise:

Langwell Water and Morven:

I didn’t hang around at the summit as my family were waiting in the car and I said I would only be about an hour. On getting back to the gate, Beinn was able to squeeze underneath the fence above a ditch.

Great to squeeze in a wee hill on a day I wasn’t meant to be walking.