Hills: Roineabhal (South Uist) and Beinn Sciathan (Eriskay)
Date: Tuesday 9th April 2013
Company: Just myself
Distance: 16.3km, Ascent: 560m
Time: 4Hrs

I set off early this morning to catch the first ferry from Aird Mhor on the Isle of Barra to the Isle of Eriskay. It was nice to watch the sunrise while waiting to board the ferry.

Calmac ferry at Aird Mhor, Isle of Barra:

After a short forty-minute crossing, I arrived on the Isle of Eriskay. I then caught the local bus from the Eriskay slipway to the South Glen Dale road end on South Uist.

Calmac ferry arrived at Isle of Eriskay:

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I set off walking from the start of the road leading towards South Glen Dale. After walking circa 1.5km along the tarmac road, I gained access to the hillside via an unlocked gate.

Start of walk from start of road leading to South Glen Dale:

A few hundred metres beyond the gate, I met a local farmer with his sheepdog, who enquired as to where I was heading. On advising “Roineabhal”, he suggested just “follow the fence to the hill”. It was certainly worth following the fence for a few hundred metres however beyond that the fence descends to the coast. I followed the fence as far as its high point.

Eriskay, Barra and the Eriskay causeway from Cruachan:

It was quite difficult to get a photo of Roineabhal this morning as the sun was directly above the hill, resulting in lots of lens flare on the photos.

Looking towards Roineabhal:

During the walk in to Roineabhal, it was nice to look across to Beinn Sciathan on Eriskay. I last ascended Beinn Sciathan in August 2010. I got no views that day due to low cloud. Given the weather today was superb, I decided to re-ascend Beinn Sciathan on the way back to the ferry.

Calbhaigh and Eriskay:

Looking back towards the Eriskay causeway:

As I approached the summit, I got views towards Beinn Mhor on South Uist and also towards my final three unclimbed South Uist Marilyns – Beinn Ruigh Choinnich, Triuirebheinn and Stulabhal.

South Uist hills from the summit of Roineabhal:

South Uist hills from the summit of Roineabhal (zoom):

Eriskay and Barra from the summit of Roineabhal:

From the summit, I returned via a slightly lower route. This turned out to be a bad move as the heather was deeper and the ground rougher. I should have returned via the ridge. On reaching South Glen Dale, I walked back along the tarmac road to where I had been dropped-off by the bus and then continued on to cross the Eriskay causeway.

Looking back towards Roineabhal from the start of the Eriskay causeway:

Start of the Eriskay causeway:

After crossing the causeway, I continued walking along the road to reach the road high-point between the Eriskay shop and the Eriskay slipway.

Eriskay shop and community centre:

“Our Lady” on the road below Beinn Sciathan:

From the road highpoint, I set off up Beinn Sciathan.

Beinn Sciathan:

I followed pretty-much the same route as per my August 2010 ascent.

Ascending Beinn Sciathan:

Ascending Beinn Sciathan:

Looking towards the summit of Beinn Sciathan:

It was definitely a good idea to re-ascend this hill on a good day. The views from Beinn Sciathan are outstanding.

Rum from the summit of Beinn Sciathan (zoom):

Summit of Beinn Sciathan:

Skye from the summit of Beinn Sciathan (zoom):

View from the summit of Beinn Sciathan:

View from the summit of Beinn Sciathan:

From the summit of Beinn Sciathan, I returned to the road high-point and then walked along the road back to the Eriskay slipway.

Heading down towards the Eriskay slipway:

The ferry crossing back to the Isle of Barra was pleasant.

On the Calmac ferry heading back to the Isle of Barra:

Once back on the Isle of Barra, we visited a nice beach on Vatersay.

Beinn and Becky at Vatersay beach:

On returning from the beach, we passed the starting point for Beinn Tangabhal. I decided to also ascend Beinn Tangabhal to make it three hills on three islands.

Hills: Beinn Tangabhal
Date: Tuesday 9th April 2013
Company: Just myself
Distance: 3.5km, Ascent: 270m
Time: 1Hr 15Mins

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I parked and set off from the road high-point beside the War Memorial. I climbed over the barbed-wire fence via a very short section with no barbed-wire. However, a short distance beyond the initial fence, I also had to climb over another fence.

Looking towards the 230m top of Beinn Tangabhal:

I really enjoyed the ascent of Beinn Tangabhal. Beinn Tangabhal has lots of slabby rocks which made a pleasant change from walking on dry grass and heather.

View from lower slopes of Beinn Tangabhal:

Beinn Tangabhal is a great hill for views across to the Bishop Isles and down to Castlebay.

Sheabhal and Castlebay from Beinn Tangabhal:

Bishop Isles from Beinn Tangabhal:

I ascended towards the cairn on the 230m top.

Beinn Tangabhal from the 230m top:

Looking towards South Uist from the summit of Beinn Tangabhal:

From the 230m top, after descending a short distance, I made my way to the summit of Beinn Tangabhal.

View from the summit of Beinn Tangabhal:

View from the summit of Beinn Tangabhal:

After visiting the summit, I also visited a viewpoint cairn circa 100m away. Worth visiting the viewpoint cairn to get a good view down to Castlebay, which is not seen from the summit.

Castlebay (zoom):

After returning via the same route to the car, we visited the Castlebay Bar and had an outstanding meal in the Craigard Hotel.

In the Castlebay Bar:

A really enjoyable day, complete with sunburn .