Hill: Meall na Faochaig
Date: Friday 19th April 2013
Company: Just myself
Distance: 7.25km, Ascent: 540m
Time: 2Hrs 10Mins

I spent yesterday morning in Inverness killing time while my car was serviced. After being robbed of an extortionate sum of money by the dealer, for not much more than an oil change and a car wash, I made my way to Strathconon to ascend Meall na Faochaig.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I parked at Inverchoran in the same place that I parked less than four weeks previous to ascend Beinn Mheadhoin. Much less snow on this visit .

Car parking at Inverchoran:

After walking a short distance along the road towards Loch Beannacharain, I followed the track leading diagonally up Creag Lucharaidh.

View towards Loch Beannacharain from lower slopes of Meall na Faochaig:

During the initial ascent, I saw a number of stags and hinds.

Following the track up the lower slopes of Meall na Faochaig:

Meall na Faochaig:

Once beyond the track, the going was really wet underfoot. I found this a bit surprising given the lack of rain in recent weeks.

Looking down to Loch Beannacharain:

During the ascent I stopped to take some photos of the distant Torridon hills which were still capped with snow.

Torridon hills (zoom):

Acsending Meall na Faochaig:

On reaching the summit I could see another cairn that looked about the same height a short distance away. I therefore also visited this other cairn just in case it was higher. The ground between the two cairns was unpleasantly wet.

Looking across to the Strathfarrar hills from the summit of Meall na Faochaig:

Looking onto the Strathconon Corbetts from summit of Meall na Faochaig:

Looking back towards the summit from the other cairn:

From the second cairn I returned to the first cairn and then descended via roughly the same route.

A nice short walk.