Hill: Noss Head
Date: Tuesday 21st May 2013
Company: Myself, John and Derrick
Distance: 8.4km, Ascent: 315m
Time: 2Hrs 20Mins

After three consecutive days walking in misty conditions, it was great to walk today in good visibility. Today we opted to ascend Noss Head on the Isle of Noss, Ward of Bressay on Bressay and Scrae Head, a short distance South of Lerwick. This trip report covers our walk on the Isle of Noss.

Having spent last night on Yell, we initially had to catch the ferry from Yell back to Mainland Shetland. We then drove to Lerwick and caught the ferry from Lerwick to Bressay.

Ferry from Lerwick to Bressay:

Looking towards Bressay from Lerwick:

From the boat I took a photo of a juvenile Eider.

Juvenile Eider:

After a short ten-minute crossing we landed on Bressay. Once on Bressay, we drove to the car park for travel to the Isle of Noss.

Noss Sound information board:

Looking across to Isle of Noss from Bressay:

As we descended from the car park to the jetty, a small dinghy came across to take us over to the Isle of Noss.

Dinghy from Bressay to Isle of Noss:

The short trip in the dinghy was great .

Isle of Noss from the dinghy:

On arriving on the Isle of Noss, the girl who took us across on the boat provided us with useful information about the island. She recommended walking the circumference of the island in an anti-clockwise direction. This turned out to be a fantastic walk! What could be better than a coastal walk taking you to the summit of a Marilyn, perched on the edge of a cliff. The birdlife encountered on this walk was outstanding.

We walked around the coast of the Isle of Noss in an anti-clockwise direction.
I will let the photos tell the rest of the story.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Looking towards Bressay coast from Isle of Noss:

Sandstone coast:

Great Skua:

Great Skua:

Looking back towards Bressay:

Looking back towards Bressay panorama:

Great black-backed gull:

Great black-backed gull:

Fulmar in flight:

Following the coastline around Isle of Noss:

Being watched by a seal:


Gannets in flight:



Holm of Ness:

A solitary puffin:

A window in the cliffs:

Fulmar (very close-up):

Fulmar with egg:


Looking towards the summit of Noss Head:




Gannets on cliffs at Rumble Wick:

A pair of gannets:

Gannets on cliffs at Rumble Wick:

Gannets on cliffs at Rumble Wick:

Summit of Noss Head above 180m cliffs:

Following the dyke to the summit of Noss Head:

Trig point next to featureless summit of Noss Head:

Descending towards Point of Heogatoug:

Looking back towards summit of Noss Head:



Looking back during descent of East coast of Isle of Noss:

Great Skua eggs:

Looking across to Ward of Bressay on Bressay during final section of walk:

I seriously enjoyed this walk