Hills: Sandness Hill
Date: Thursday 23rd May 2013
Company: Myself, John and Derrick
Distance: 4km, Ascent: 210m
Time: 1 Hr

Today we were booked to fly to Fair Isle. Unfortunately, the flight was cancelled due to gale-force winds . Instead, we opted to complete our final two Shetland mainland Marilyns – Sandness Hill and Scalla Field.

I had little enthusiasm today for ascending another two uninteresting Shetland mainland Marilyns.

We chose Turrifield as the starting point to take advantage of a track leading up to the small transmitter en-route to Sandness Hill.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Once beyond the small transmitter we were pleased to find that the track continued on for quite some distance beyond what was shown on the map.

Following the track towards Sandness Hill:

It was very windy today. Fortunately we had the wind at our backs during the ascent. Looking back towards the Sound of Papa, the sea looked fairly rough.

Sound of Papa and Papa Stour:

Ascending Sandness Hill:

My lack of enthusiasm today definitely slowed me down. I was however pleased to reach the summit.

Approaching the cairn and summit trig point:

I visited the large cairn and then the trig point.

At the cairn circa 50m from the summit:

Looking towards Papa Stour from the summit of Sandness Hill:

The 246m top would be a good viewpoint for Foula on a good day. As today was not a good day, I didn’t bother visiting the lower top.

Papa Stour:

During the walk back we passed an old VW engine and axle. I have no idea what kind of vehicle this once belonged to. There would appear to be quite a number of old cars and vehicles on Shetland which are just left to rust.

Old VW engine and axle:

After ascending Sandness Hill we drove to Upper Kergord for an ascent of Scalla Field, our final mainland Shetland Marilyn.

Hills: Scalla Field
Date: Thursday 23rd May 2013
Company: Myself, John and Derrick
Distance: 3.7km, Ascent: 215m
Time: 1Hr 5Mins

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

The ascent of Scalla Field was trackless. We just headed uphill in the direction of the summit until there was no more “going up”, which is generally a good plan .

John and Derrick ascending Scalla Field:

Looking back to Upper Kergord:

View towards Weisdale Voe:

The ascent of the hill was not as bad as expected. The final section of peat hags was easy to negotiate.

Into the hags:

Approaching the summit:

John and Derrick at the summit of Scalla Field:

On reaching the summit we saw the message that had been left by Alan (OJ) a few days previous “What kept you Foggie?

Message from Owdjockey:

I responded via PMS (Peat Messaging System).

Response to OJ:

From the summit we returned to the car via roughly the same route. It was great to finish nice and early and have the afternoon off hillwalking .