Hill: Bennachie
Date: Sunday 2nd June 2013
Company: Myself, Becky and Beinn
Distance: 9.5km, Ascent: 600m

I have ascended Bennachie on numerous occasions. I have also previously documented a Trip Report following much the same route as undertaken today – click here to see previous report. However, today was Becky’s first ascent of Bennachie .

We parked at the Back O’Bennachie car park. As the land is managed by the Forestry Commission, there is now a £2 charge to park here. In return for the £2 charge, you get over-sized signage and highly-visible, obtrusive tracks.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

We set off from the Back O’Bennachie car park up the path towards Little Oxencraig.

On the track from Back o’Bennachie to Little Oxencraig:

We stopped for a brief look at the stepping stones before continuing up the hill.

Stepping Stones:

Having a wee rest just beyond the forest:

During the ascent from the edge of the forest to Little Oxencraig, we almost had to jump off the path to avoid being hit by a mountain biker who was coming down the path at a rate of knots.

North Aberdeenshire:

The Buck and Tap O’Noth:

Once beyond the forest there are good views across Aberdeenshire.


On reaching Little Oxencraig, we left the main track to visit the small quarry and then returned to the track before ascending to the top.

Little Oxencraig information:

Becky at top of Little Oxencraig:

From Little Oxencraig we made our way across to Oxencraig, the summit of Bennachie.

Looking towards Craigshannoch and Mither Tap from Oxencraig:

Becky and Beinn at the summit shelter on Oxencraig:

It was a bit breezy today – the weather was not as good as forecast. Becky enjoys hillwalking but doesn’t like strong wind.

Holding onto the Oxencraig toposcope:

Looking back towards the summit shelter from the toposcope:

At the summit, we stopped for a bite to eat.

Looking towards Mither Tap from the summit of Bennachie:

Lochnagar (zoom):

Aberdeen (zoom):

From Oxencraig, we debated whether to head fro Craigshannoch or Mither Tap first. We opted for Mither Tap.

En-route to Mither Tap:

As we got closer and closer to Mither Tap, I think Becky was wondering how on earth she would get up it. The ascent is much easier from round the back .

Mither Tap:

Mither Tap:

Small outcrop below Mither Tap:

Awaiting the ascent:

After skirting round the back of Mither Tap, we made our final ascent up through the old fort.

Ascent through the old fort:

Final ascent of Mither Tap:

We didn’t hang around for long at the top of Mither Tap as again it was a little breezy up there.

At the Mither Tap toposcope:

Descent back towards the fort:

From Mither Tap we next made our way across to Craigshannoch.

At the top of Craigshannoch:

Oxencraig from Craigshannoch:

Mither Tap from Craigshannoch:

From Craigshannoch we returned to Little Ozencraig and then descended back to the Back O’Bennachie car park.

Looking back to Craigshannoch from near Little Oxencraig:

There were lots of walkers on Bennachie today- it is definitely a small mountain for the North-East masses.