Hill: Broomy Law
Date: Sunday 14th July 2013
Company: Just myself
Distance: 2km, Ascent: 145m
Time: 45Mins

Yesterday, I ascended two easy Marilyns on the way home from the Lake District.

Parking is very limited at the base of Broomy Law. I parked a short distance up the dirt track from Candy Mill to Brownsbank - the farmer gave me the ok to park there.

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Parking beyond Candy Mill:

Broomy Law must be one of the easiest Marilyns to ascend with a track all the way from the base to the summit. It only took 45 minutes to reach the summit and get back to the car.

Broomy Law:

During the ascent you pass through fields with numerous sheep and cattle.

View during ascent of Broomy Law:


There are a number of transmitters at the summit contained within four fenced enclosures.

Transmitters at the summit of Broomy Law:

On reaching the summit, I walked round the two highest fenced enclosures.

There are good views from the summit across to Black Mount, Tinto and the Pentlands.

Looking across to Black Mount from the summit of Broomy Law:

From the summit, I returned to the car via the same route. I then drove to West Linton for an ascent of Mendick Hill.

I parked just before the entrance to West Linton Golf Club.

Hill: Mendick Hill
Date: Sunday 14th July 2013
Company: Just myself
Distance: 6.7km, Ascent: 220m
Time: 1Hr 40Mins

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West Linton Golf Club:

The initial section of road towards Mendick Hill runs alongside the golf course. On reaching the sign in the next photo, advising 2 miles to Mendick Hill, I followed the sign.

Sign advising 2 miles to Mendick Hill:

This section of track had a number of nice thistles and white foxgoloves.


Thistle (close-up):

After crossing over a bridge and passing two dwellings, I eventually reached another sign pointing the way up the hill.

Looking back along track:

Looking back along track:

Given the proximity of this hill to Edinburgh, I found it surprising that the path up the hill was so bad.

Mendick Hill:

The poor quality path is overgrown with bracken.

Looking back at ascent through bracken:

There are excellent views towards the Pentlands from the summit.

Summit of Mendick Hill:

View from summit of Mendick Hill:

The Pentlands (zoom):

From the summit I decided to take a different route off the hill.

View during descent from Mendick Hill:

The path off the hill was fairly good but thereafter I had to cross an area of cotton grass then an area of high tussocks before finding a firebreak through the trees leading back to the main path.

High tussocks during the descent: