Hill: Ben Wyvis
Date: Saturday 27th July 2013
Company: Myself and circa 40 others

I set out yesterday morning, together with circa forty friends and family of Ron, to ascend Ben Wyvis – Ron’s final Munro.
A large number of the party are users of the site Walk Highlands.

While standing in the car park, having a pre-walk chat, we were fortunate to see a Red Kite circling overhead.

Red Kite above car park:

Once everyone arrived, we set off to ascend Ben Wyvis via the standard route. This was my third ascent of Ben Wyvis.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Setting off:

Looking back to car park:

Pauline (the flag bearer):

It was nice to chat with so many people during this walk. It was hot and sunny during the first couple of hours of walking.

Track towards Ben Wyvis:

Looking towards An Cabar:

Looking back to the flag bearers (full zoom):

View from lower slopes of Ben Wyvis:

Ascending An Cabar:

Once on steeper ground, the group started to spread out during the ascent.

Looking back:

Looking back (panorama):

Looking back:

On reaching the large boulder, about half-way up An Cabar, the group stopped for a brief rest to allow everyone to catch-up.

A rest at the large erratic:

From the erractic, I set off ahead of everyone else - wondering if I would be able to ascend the two Munro Tops beyond the summit and then get back to the summit in time for everyone else arriving. I abandoned this idea on reaching the summit as the two tops were too far away – I would never have made it back in time.

Ben Wyvis:

As I progressed up the hill, some cumulonnimbus clouds gave me some cause for concern. I don’t like being up hills in thunder and lightning.

Looking across to Little Wyvis from An Cabar:

Top of An Cabar:

Looking towards summit of Ben Wyvis from An Cabar:

We were really fortunate with the weather as several showers passed by to the East and West of Ben Wyvis.

A passing nearby shower:

Looking back towards An Cabar:

I reached the summit of Ben Wyvis fifty minutes before the rest of the group.

Summit of Ben Wyvis:

It was nice to spend over an hour at the summit taking photos and chatting with other walkers.

View from the summit of Ben Wyvis:

I enjoyed two Munro completion celebrations at the summit - a woman from Fife also completed on Ben Wyvis circa 30 minutes before Ron.

First Munro completion at the summit of Ben Wyvis:

Looking towards Nigg from the summit of Ben Wyvis:

Looking towards Nigg from the summit of Ben Wyvis (zoom):

Group at summit of An Cabar taken from Ben Wyvis summit (full zoom):

Aultguish Dam and Loch Glascarnoch (full zoom):

It was nice to chat with everyone again once they reached the summit.

Kevin and Scoob approaching the summit:


Approaching the summit:

Well done Ron!

Ron at the summit of Ben Wyvis:

It was also nice to meet and walk with Kevin, who is currently undertaking a continuous Munro round: more info.

Kevin at the summit of Ben Wyvis:

Pauline approaching the summit of Ben Wyvis:

I think the photo at the summit shows how great a day this was.

Group photo at the summit:

Pauline and Ron atop the summit trig point:

We returned to the car park via the same route.

Apart from one brief shower, and a distant rumble of thunder, the weather was much better than anticipated.

An excellent day out .