Hill: Waughton Hill
Date: Saturday 23rd November 2013
Company: Myself and Becky
Distance: 7km

I set off this morning with Becky to ascend Waughton Hill. Waughton Hill is the highest point of Mormond Hill, located a short distance from Strichen/Fraserburgh. I last ascended Waughton Hill in December 2009.

We parked in Strichen and then started walking up Hospital Brae.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Waughton Hill from Hospital Brae, Strichen:

From Hospital Brae we made our way along the road past Bransfarm before following the footpath leading to the White Horse. As per my previous ascent there was no sign of cattle or a bull despite the warning sign.

Footpath to White Horse, beyond Bransfarm:

En-route to the White Horse:

From a distance, the White Horse doesn’t look much like a White Horse anymore. The quartzite stones are in need of a clean and some of the gorse needs cut back.

The White Horse:

As we made our way up towards the White Horse we were able to see across Banff and Buchan towards Bennachie.

Looking towards distant Bennachie:

Bennachie (zoom):

We had a short rest at the horse before continuing on towards Hunter’s Lodge.

Becky at the Horse’s mouth:

View from the Horse’s head:

Becky heading for Hunter’s Lodge:

Hunter’s Lodge (1779):

After a look inside Hunter’s Lodge we continued on towards Waughton Hill.

Becky inside Hunter’s Lodge:

The summit of Waughton Hill is located beside a few stakes.

Fraserburgh from just beyond the summit of Waughton Hill:

Waughton Hill was Becky’s 22nd Marilyn. Well done Becky.

Becky at the summit of Waughton Hill:

Mormond Hill from Waughton Hill:


We returned via the same route stopping inside Hunter’s Lodge on the way back for a drink and a short break.

Becky inside Hunter’s Lodge:

After getting back to the car we had lunch in Peterhead and then headed over to Loch of Strathbeg where we sat and watched the woodpeckers on the feeders.

Woodpecker at Loch of Strathbeg:

Woodpecker at Loch of Strathbeg:

Woodpecker at Loch of Strathbeg:

A nice day out.