Hill: Knock Hill
Date: Sunday 29th December 2013
Company: Myself, Carole, Becky and Cuillin

I decided this morning to introduce Cuillin to the hills via an ascent of our local Sub2000ft Marilyn, Knock Hill. This was my third ascent of Knock Hill, Becky’s second ascent and Carole’s first ascent.

We ascended via the standard route from Swilebog.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

The walk started off pleasant enough however it was fairly cold. It was 0C at the base of the hill, there was frost on the ground and with the windchill, it felt well-below zero.

Start of track leading to Knock Hill:

Banffshire from lower slopes of Knock Hill:

Gate at the base of the hill:

For a small hill, the ascent is fairly relentless. There is >200m of ascent in just 800m distance. Becky was not comfortable ascending the icy ground, however, she did successfully make it to the summit with some hand-holding. Cuillin found some of the large steps on the eroded path a bit too high for his little legs and was often dwarfed by the heather at the side of the eroded track, however, he also successfully made it to the summit.

A short break during the ascent:

Gate at the top of the hill:

At the trig point:

View from the summit of Knock Hill:

At the summit cairn:

We didn’t hang around at the summit as it was cold up top. The descent was not enjoyable as we descended by zig-zagging through the heather instead of descending the very eroded mess of a track.

Well done to Cuillin on summiting his first hill.