Hill: Beinn nan Ramh
Date: Sunday 16th February 2014
Company: Myself, John, Malcolm, Corinne, Ros, Bill, Tom, Graeme and Alastair
Distance: 26.7km, Ascent: 830m
Time: 7Hrs 30Mins

Last week, I come up with a plan for an East to West traverse of Beinn nan Ramh, starting from Dosmuckeran (circa 5km East of Achnasheen) and finishing at the Heights of Kinlochewe hotel, in Kinlochewe. I used the excellent ‘Draw route’ function on Walk Highlands to estimate the distance, ascent and time (based on Naismith’s rule) to establish if I would have sufficient time to undertake the walk without missing the bus back home.

On mentioning this proposed route to my friend John, he offered to come with me. On Sunday morning, whilst travelling on the bus from Elgin towards Torridon, seven other Club members opted to undertake the same route. It was great to attempt this route with a group of friends .

Our group was first to disembark from the bus. Other Club members continued on to undertake a variety of other objectives including Beinn Alligin, Beinn Damh, Sgurr Dubh and a coastal walk towards Diabeg.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

The first obstacle of the day was encountered at the start of the walk – a locked high gate preventing access to the track. We all climbed over a wire fence next to the gate to gain access to the track. Once on the track we set off walking at a fairly good pace, covering 8km distance and 200m ascent in only 90 minutes.

Walking in the track from Dosmuckeran to Loch Fannich:

Fionn Bheinn from track:

On approaching Loch Fannich, we got our first views of Beinn nan Ramh.

Looking towards Beinn nan Ramh and the Fannichs:

It was nice to walk alongside a short section of Loch Fannich and see across to Fannich Lodge.

Walking the track alongside Loch Fannich:

Beinn nan Ramh from edge of Loch Fannich:

Round the back of Fionn Bheinn we followed the track running alongside an aqueduct. I climbed up a short metal ladder to get above the pipe to take a photo.

Aqueduct at back of Fionn Bheinn:

Looking back from above the aqueduct:

Beinn nan Ramh:

Before reaching the base of the East ridge of Beinn nan Ramh, we had a short ‘piece stop’.

The ascent of Beinn nan Ramh was straight-forward. The incline was pleasant and the snow was not deep, albeit it was fairly soft and wet. There was no need for ice axe or crampons. Thanks to Alastair for breaking trail.

Starting the ascent of the East ridge of Beinn nan Ramh:

Ascending East ridge of Beinn nan Ramh:

The East ridge of Beinn nan Ramh provides great views along Loch Fannich.

Looking back along Loch Fannich:

West end of Loch Fannich, A’Chailleach and Sgurr Breac:

Ascending Beinn nan Ramh:

Onto the first level section of ridge:

Looking back along the East ridge of Beinn nan Ramh:

As we gained height, we started to get nice views across to the Torridon and Letterewe hills.

Looking towards South Torridon hills and Beinn Eighe:

The only potential danger encountered on the ridge was Toll Beag. However, as grass was clearly visible it was easy to distinguish land from cornice. In poor visibility it would be prudent to stay well back from this edge.

Approaching Toll Beag:

Toll Beag:

Looking back from Toll Beag:

As I made my way along the ridge towards the summit, I was coughing and spluttering due to a bad cold. Despite not feeling great physically, I felt great mentally just to get out walking with blue skies above and with great views all around.

Onto the second level section of ridge:

Looking across to Fionn Bheinn:

I particularly enjoyed the view across to Beinn Eighe. Beinn Eighe is an outstanding hill worthy of repeating time and time again.

Beinn Eighe and Meall a’Ghiuthais (zoom):

Ascent to the summit of Beinn nan Ramh:

Looking back and across to Fionn Bheinn:

Looking back to the Fannichs and Loch Fannich:

Beinn Eighe to Slioch:

On reaching the summit, I stopped to put on a third jacket and some gloves whilst waiting for the party to re-group.

Myself at the summit of Beinn nan Ramh:

Bill, Malcolm and Graeme approaching the summit:

Ros and Corinne approaching the summit:

As it was fairly cold up there, we decided to have lunch further down and so started our descent with a view to picking up the track leading out to Leckie.

Descent from Beinn nan Ramh:

View during descent:

Slioch and Beinn Lair:

Rough ground at lower slopes of Beinn nan Ramh:

There was a small burn to cross during the descent. The crossing was fine yesterday but could prove interesting when in spate. We stopped for lunch beside the burn. We joined the track out to Leckie, which was better than expected, following it out to Leckie.

On the track leading out to Leckie:

Descent to Leckie:

Leckie is an estate bothy, apparently often used by walkers undertaking the Cape Wrath trail.


The walk out from Leckie to Kinlochewe, via the Heights of Kinlochewe, was nice and easy along good track.

On the track from Leckie to the Heights of Kinlochewe:

At the Heights of Kinlochewe:

Abhainn Bruachaig:

Always good to finish a walk at a pub, especially one that serves hot chocolate with marshmallows to cold walkers. The Guinness was also good.

Kinlochewe Hotel:

A really enjoyable day out .