On my last visit to Wales, I completed all of the Lleyn peninsula Marilyns. I was not however able to get across to Bardsey Island to ascend Mynydd Enlli as the boat was not running. Also, shortly after my last trip the list tamperers promoted Mynydd Anelog to Marilyn status. I therefore hadn't completed the Lleyn peninsula Marilyns after all .

I received confirmation yesterday that the boat would be running to Bardsey Island today. I therefore set off from Betws-y-Coed at 5.15 this morning with a view to ascending Mynydd Anelog before getting the boat out to Bardsey. On reaching the far end of the Lleyn peninsula I parked my car in the Porth Meudwy car park. This is the car park used for trips to Bardsey Island.

Hill: Mynydd Anelog
Date: Tuesday 22nd April 2014
Company: Just myself

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

From the car park I walked a short distance along the road until reaching a footpath sign. I then followed the footpath that runs in between two fields.

Starting point at Porth Meudwy car park:

Mynydd Anelog from starting point:

The two fields either side of the footpath both contained cattle. One of the fields also had a seriously large bull. I was therefore grateful of the footpath running between the fields rather than through them.

Public footpath between two fields:

Once off the footpath, I followed the road towards the hill. There is a small parking area at the road high-point that could be used instead of the Porth Meudwy car park.

Road to Uwchmynydd:

As I made my way along the road, I spotted a Buzzard sitting on a Hawthorn tree.

I really enjoyed the walk towards this hill. There are lots of lovely hedgerows made from hawthorn and gorse.


The ascent of Mynydd Anelog was very straight-forward. There is a grassy track which leads to about 50m below the summit. Once the track starts skirting round the hill, it is possible to take one of several small tracks up through the gorse towards the summit.

Following the grassy track up Mynydd Anelog:

Panorama from Mynydd Anelog:

It was nice to get my first view of Bardsey Island during the ascent of Mynydd Anelog. The neighbouring hill Mynydd Mawr does however get in the way of seeing the whole island.

After visiting the summit cairn I also continued on a hundred metres or so to a viewpoint cairn.

Mynydd Mawr and Bardsey Island from summit of Mynydd Anelog:

Mynydd Mawr and Bardsey Island from viewpoint cairn:

I then returned to the car via roughly the same route albeit on reaching the roads I took a wrong turn but soon realised my error.

I got back to the car by 9.15 however the boat wasn't leaving until 10.30. On looking at the map I spotted a car park at the summit of Mynydd Mawr. Given I had some spare time I decided to drive to the summit of Mynydd Mawr. The drive to the summit was quite enjoyable.

Parking area at the summit of Mynydd Mawr:

It was worth going to the summit of Mynydd Mawr to get a clear view of Bardsey Island.

Bardsey Island from summit of Mynydd Mawr:

I then drove back to the Porth Meudwy car park, sorted out my rucksack and walked the track down to the small beach.

Hill: Mynydd Enlli (Bardsey Island)
Date: Tuesday 22nd April 2014
Company: Just myself

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

The Bardsey Island boat is the yellow boat on the trailer in the next photo. You board the boat whilst it is on the trailer and a tractor then pushes the boat into the water.

Porth Meudwy:

Porth Meudwy:

Once everyone was aboard the boat we "set sail" for Bardsey.

Looking back to Porth Meudwy from aboard boat to Bardsey Island:

Captain Colin:

Bardsey Island lies approximately 2 miles off the Lleyn peninsula. The crossing only takes 10 minutes.

Bardsey through the spray:

During the crossing, Colin pointed out some Manx Shearwaters. Bardsey Island is home to thousands of nesting pairs.

Manx Shearwaters:

If you want to read more information about Bardsey Island click here.

Bardsey Island:

Looking towards Bardsey Lighthouse:

On arriving at Henllwyn, Colin spent five to ten minutes discussing the island's history and things to see and do on the island.

Arrival at Henllwyn, Bardsey Island:

Mynydd Enlli from Henllwyn:

Instead of taking the normal route up the middle of Mynydd Enlli, I thought the ridge looked quite nice. I therefore set off with a view to traversing the whole of Mynydd Enlli via its South and then North ridge.

Looking back during initial ascent:

I did see a sign advising not to pass beyond this point between March and September so as not to disturb nesting birds. I think this really meant don't go round onto the cliffs rather than up the ridge. I didn't see any nesting birds whilst traversing the ridge.

Ascending the South ridge of Mynydd Enlli:

Looking across to the Lleyn peninsula from Mynydd Enlli:

It didn't take long to reach the summit of Mynydd Enlli. It is only 167m high.

Looking back to Henllwyn and beyond to Bardsey Lighthouse:

Panorama looking towards summit of Mynydd Enlli and the Lleyn peninsula:

There are lots of Manx Shearwater burrows on the hill. This reminded me of ascending Hallival on the Isle of Rum.

Manx Shearwater burrows:

Summit of Mynydd Enlli:

On reaching the summit I stopped for a while as I still had >3Hrs before the boat would be leaving.

Myself at the summit of Mynydd Enlli:

From the ridge, I spotted an unusual bird quite a distance away down on the cliffs. At full zoom and with some cropping I am fairly sure it was a Peregrine Falcon.

Peregrine Falcon:

Peregrine Falcon:

View during descent of North ridge of Mynydd Enlli:

After descending the North ridge, I visited St. Mary's Abbey. The old abbey (ruin) dates back to the thirteenth century.

Descent towards St. Mary's Abbey:

Graveyard and Old Abbey:

St. Mary's Abbey:

Inside St. Mary's Abbey:

On getting back to Henllwyn, I continued on to visit Bardsey Lighthouse.

Bardsey Lighthouse:

Bardsey Lighthouse foghorn:

After visiting the Lighthouse I sat down and chilled for an hour watching lots of seals in the bay.

This was a really enjoyable trip. If you like birds you can't go wrong visiting Bardsey.
If you want to visit Bardsey more information can be found here.