Hill: Hope Mountain
Date: Saturday 26th April 2014
Company: Just myself
Distance: 3.5km
Time: 45Mins

On the way home from Wales I decided to ascend a short, quick Sub2000ft Marilyn. Hope Mountain appeared to fit these requirements.

On looking at the map I noticed a car park approximately 1.5km away from the summit. I drove to and parked in the Waun y llyn country park car park where there is room for at least ten cars.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Waun y llyn Country Park car park:

From the car park, I first ascended to the viewpoint.

Short ascent to viewpoint:

Viewpoint toposcope:

View from viewpoint:

View from viewpoint:

I then returned to the car park before walking along the aptly named Mountain Road.

Walk along Mountain Road to Hope Mountain:

It was nice to walk a short distance to the hill instead of just parking below the summit and spending two minutes getting to the summit.

View from Mountain Road:

Looking towards Hope Mountain from Mountain Road:

I mistakenly expected this to be a hill with a nice track leading to the summit. Instead this would appear to be a hill with potential access issues. On checking the internet tonight it would appear that many ask permission from the farmer to ascend the hill. Barbed wire wrapped around the gate generally shows a landowner who doesn't want people on his land - a GOML.

Gate with barbed-wire:

Anyway, I managed to climb over the gate as the barbed wire does not extend all the way along. I then walked across a grassy field with numerous sheep until reaching a barbed wire fence. I managed to step over the barbed wire fence without cutting myself.

Ascent through field to Hope Mountain:

Once over the fence it was an easy walk to the summit trig point. The trig point is a bit unusual in that it is on a concrete plinth.

Looking towards the summit trig point:

At the summit of Hope Mountain:

View from summit of Hope Mountain:

On checking the map at the summit I could see a red dotted line showing a public footpath down at the farm. I therefore descended towards the farm instead of returning the same way.

During my descent numerous cattle came running towards me. I therefore quickly stepped over an electric fence getting zapped in the process. This electric fence appeared to run across the public footpath.

Looking back to Hope Mountain from farm:

Not impressed with the access to this hill.