Hill: Beinn nan Eun
Date: Friday 6th June 2014
Company: Myself, Graeme and Penny
Distance: 31km, Ascent: 790m
Time: 7Hrs 40Mins

En-route to a club weekend meet in Durness, I met up with Graeme to ascend Beinn nan Eun. We decided to undertake this walk starting from Eileanach Lodge. At >30km distance, this was a fairly long walk for a single Graham.

We parked just outside the gate of Eileanach Lodge where there is room for several cars. There is further parking a short distance back along the road.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

The circa 8.5km walk from Eileanach Lodge to Wyvis Lodge passed very quickly owing to an excellent track and company.

Setting off from Eileanach Lodge:

During the walk-in, it was great to hear of Graeme's exploits the weekend previous - a completion of Tranter's Round in 17.5 hours. This involves an ascent of all ten Mamores Munros, four Grey Corries Munros, Aonach Mor, Aonach Beag, Carn Mor Dearg, Ben Nevis then back to the start. A total of 41 miles and >6500m ascent. Respect Graeme!

I was also accompanied by Penny (the Wonder Dog). Penny has ascended numerous hills including all but three Munros. I look forward to accompanying Penny on her final Munro and Graeme on his final third round of Munros later this year.

Track leading to Loch Glass:

As I walked alongside Loch Glass, I could see a very distinct pink house in the distance. It reminded me of the castle in Balamory!

Ben Wyvis (Glas Leathad Beag) and Loch Glass:

Walking alongside Loch Glass:

We eventually reached Wyvis Lodge - nice place! At Wyvis Lodge and beyond Wyvis Lodge there is much work being done to the house and to the track beyond.

Looking towards Wyvis Lodge across Loch Glass:

Instead of following the footpath marked on the map, we followed an excellent quality bulldozed track for several kilometres beyond the lodge. The track is quite unsightly and there is quite a bit of mess surrounding the track. This would appear to be an access track for a new hydro scheme.

Graeme and Penny on the new track beyond Wyvis Lodge:


New bulldozed track alongside the Abhainn Beinn nan Eun:

Looking back along the Abhainn Beinn nan Eun:

Beinn nan Eun:

For the final half kilometre or so, we were back onto the old track. We eventually decided to cross the Abhainn Beinn nan Eun. While Graeme and Penny leapt ably from boulder to boulder, I took a somewhat circuitous route across by just stepping in shallow sections.

Graeme and Penny safely across the Abhainn:

Once across the Abhainn, we made our way up the hillside. We followed a steep grassy line up through the heather.

Ascending Beinn nan Eun:

Looking back during ascent of Beinn nan Eun:

Graeme and Penny:

During the ascent we could see another walker below also ascending Beinn na Eun. This walker had cycled in setting off before us!

Approaching the summit of Beinn nan Eun:

We got great views across to Carn Chuinneag at the summit. At the summit Graeme decided that he would also like to tag on Meall Mor. I therefore decided to accompany Graeme as far as the col from where I would descend down to Wyvis Lodge to regain the in-bound track.

Looking towards Carn Chuinneag from the summit of Beinn nan Eun:

Looking back to Beinn nan Eun:

Looking towards Meall Mor and Creachan nan Sgadan from 662m top:

There were a few wet sections to negotiate during the traverse from Beinn nan Eun towards Meall Mor.

At the large cairn on Creachan nan Sgadan:

There was also a section of fairly large peat hags.

Hags ahead:

Nice terrain!:

Beyond the peat hags, we parted company as I started my descent towards Wyvis Lodge.

Loch Glass:

While the initial descent was ok, it wasn't long before I was descending via knee-high heather. I did eventually pick up a narrow, fairy indistinct path leading down to Wyvis Lodge. This descent route did provide great views down to the end of the loch.

Looking down to Wyvis Lodge:

Walk along small beach at end of Loch Glass:

It was nice to get a close-up view of Wyvis Lodge.

Wyvis Lodge:

Nice weathervane:

Statues and outdoor pool:

Beyond Wyvis Lodge it was a hard-on-the-feet 8.5km walk back out to the start. Despite having a blister I refused a lift back out the final 7km. Purist!

I arrived back at Eileanach Lodge circa 10 minutes before Graeme. We then made our way round to Ullapool for some great fish and chips before continuing on to Durness for the start of a great weekend.