Hill: Blairdenon Hill
Date: Sunday 20th July 2014
Company: Just myself
Distance: 9.2km, Ascent: 440m
Time: 2Hrs 50Mins

In December 2011, I ascended seven out of eight of the Ochils New Donalds in a traverse from Glendevon to Alva. Today, on the way home from a weekend based in Tyndrum, I decided to ascend Blairdenon Hill, my one remaining Ochils New Donald. I opted to start from Carim Lodge in Sherriffmuir.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I initially followed the tarmac track leading to Carim Cottage before heading into a mix of grass, moss and tussocks.

Looking towards Blairdenon Hill from Carim Lodge:

During the initial ascent, I picked up a faint vehicle track which I followed most of the way up Little Corum.

Looking back to Carim Lodge:

Ascending Little Corum:

Looking back towards Carim Lodge wood:

The soft, spongy moss made for pleasant walking. I sampled some of the Blaeberries during the ascent of Little Corum.


Looking towards Mickle Corum from Little Corum:

From Little Corum, I made my way across to Mickle Corum.

Ascending Mickle Corum:

At the top of Mickle Corum:

From Mickle Corum, I continued on to the 616m top of Blairdenon Hill and then on to the summit.

Final ascent to Blairdenon Hill:

On reaching the summit, I visited all the potential high points.

Fence junction at the summit of Blairdenon Hill:

Small cairn at the summit of Blairdenon Hill:


On descending from Blairdenon Hill towards the 616m top, I spotted an iron cross. A closer look showed that it was commemorating a Tiger Moth crash.

Remains of 1957 Tiger Moth crash:

Plaque on cross:

I returned via roughly the same route trying to use vehicle tracks as much as possible.

Looking towards Ben Vorlich and Stuc a'Chroin:

Ben Vorlich and Stuc a'Chroin (zoom):

Whilst crossing back over Little Corum, a lapse of concentration whilst walking through an area of short tussocks, resulted in a fall. I rarely fall on the hills so this was a bit of a surprise. In 30+ years walking, this was the first time I have hurt myself in a fall - I landed awkwardly spraining my wrist. Thankfully my head made contact with moss/grass on hitting the ground and not rock! I picked myself up and continued on down the hill, paying more attention to the lumps, bumps and tussocks!!!

103 New Donalds complete, 15 remaining. Possible completion in 2014? (TBC)