Hill: Beinn na Lap
Date: Friday 25th July 2014
Company: Myself and Becky
Distance: 10km, Ascent: 550m
Time: 4Hrs

Earlier this week I asked Becky what she fancied doing on Friday, suggesting a trip to the beach. Becky replied that she would prefer to go up a hill (and preferably a Munro)! I therefore started thinking my way through some potential easy Munros. I initially considered the Glen Shee hills, Drumochter hills and Perthshire hills but was not particularly inspired. The weather forecast looked excellent, so I thought it worth doing a quality hill (or at least a hill that is a great viewpoint). Beinn na Lap seemed to fit the bill nicely.

Getting to Beinn na Lap would involve a short train journey from either Tulloch station (to the North) or Rannoch Station (to the South). Having visited Corrour from both Tulloch and Rannoch previously, this time I decided to go in from Tulloch.

We set off from home at 04:20 yesterday morning to reach Tulloch Station in plenty of time to catch the 08:13 train to Corrour. The drive across was nice and quick - few cars on the road at that time of day. It was already getting light when we left home and we were fortunate to see the sunrise from Aberlour.

As well as this being Becky's third Munro, it would also be my 141st i.e. half-way (second round).

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

On arrival at Corrour, after taking a few photographs of the station and restaurant, we set off along the excellent track leading towards Loch Ossian.

At Corrour Station:

Corrour Station House:

Corrour Station:

On seeing Beinn na Lap, I was pleased to hear that Becky thought it looked easy. It probably was compared to the last hill she climbed, Schiehallion.

Beinn na Lap from Corrour Station:

Looking back to Corrour Station and Leum Uilleum:

Leum Uilleum and Corrour Station:

Heading along the track towards Loch Ossian:

We took our time during the walk in taking lots of photographs. It was already warm. The forecast had suggested a high of 23C at Loch Ossian. It did however get up to 27C at Loch Ossian (and was 29C when we got back to Tulloch).

Becky waiting for me to catch up:

Loch Ossian Youth Hostel (zoom):

Approaching some track works below Beinn na Lap:

Given the recent spell of dry weather, the sometimes boggy ascent up the hillside was instead mostly dry. I was pleased to see a path, of sorts, heading up the hillside. This grassy, easy-angled hill is ideal for children.

Onto the hill:

Looking back to Loch Ossian:

Looking back to Corrour Station and Leum Uilleum:

Given the heat, I was prepared to head back down if Becky found it too difficult. We took our time and stopped every ten minutes for a drink break. Today my rucksack was filled mostly with fluids.

One of numerous drink breaks:

During the ascent we noticed a goods train pull into Corrour Station.

Goods train at Corrour Station (zoom):

Panorama taken during ascent:

Loch Ossian:

On reaching the ridge we started to get a nice, cool breeze. That together with the reduction in steepness was well appreciated.


We did not see much in the way of wildlife, probably due to the heat. Instead we talked about the flora: Bog Cotton, Bog Asphodel, Heather, Devil's Bit Scabious, etc.

En-route to the summit:

Summit cairn in distance:

While the views were fairly good during the ascent, they were even better at the summit. Nearby Leum Uilleum is an equally good if not better viewpoint.

Becky at the summit of Beinn na Lap:

Myself and Becky at the summit of Beinn na Lap:

We spent a good twenty minutes at the summit.

Binnein Shuas and Shios and Creag Pitridh group from summit:

Hills around Ben Alder from summit:

Buachaille Etive Mor above the tops of Leum Uilleum and Beinn a'Chrulaiste from summit (zoom):

Mamores and Ben Nevis with Ardgour in distance from summit:

Ben Nevis and Carn Mor Dearg from summit (zoom):

Ben Nevis and the Grey Corries from summit (zoom):

Summit panorama (click on photo to view video on You Tube):

From the summit, we returned to Corrour Station via the same route. During the descent we saw a single jet.

Jet in distance towards Bidean nam Bian (zoom):

Jet (zoom):

Becky and Loch Ossian:

On reaching Corrour Station, we had hoped to have some lunch at the restaurant. Unfortunately it now appears to only open from 18:30 onwards. On knocking at the door they were prepared to sell us some drinks which was appreciated.

The train journey back out to Tulloch was superb as was the Fish and Chips in Aberlour on the way home.

A wonderful day out .