Hills: Lingmell, Scafell Pike and Great End
Date: Saturday 20th September 2014
Company: Just myself
Distance: 14.7km, Ascent: 1165m
Time: 6Hrs

I set out for Wasdale Head this morning with three potential routes in mind: i) Illgill Head and Whin Rigg, ii) Yewbarrow to Pillar (Mosedale Horseshoe) and iii) Lingmell, Scafell Pike and Great End. On reaching Wasdale Head I decided on option iii).

I parked at Wasdale Head village green and after crossing a completely dry Lingmell Beck set off on a rising traverse to gain the NE ridge of Lingmell.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Wasdale Head village green car park:

As I gained height, I got increasingly good views of Wast Water.

Looking towards Wast Water during initial ascent:

Looking back to Wasdale Head and Kirk Fell:

Wast Water:

The majority of walkers ascending Scafell Pike set off from the National Trust car park and follow the Lingmell Beck track. Today there were literally hundreds of walkers ascending Scafell Pike via this tourist route.

I avoided the crowds by ascending the SW ridge of Lingmell instead of taking the track up Lingmell Beck. Somewhat surprisingly, no-one else was taking my route.

Ascending SW ridge of Lingmell:

The first three hundred metres ascent was fairly steep and relentless. Despite no-one else taking my route, I could hear the hordes of walkers on the track below.

Today the hills were mostly capped in cloud. During the ascent of Lingmell I caught a fleeting glimpse of Scafell.

Looking towards Scafell Pike, Scafell and tourist route to Scafell Pike:

Illgill Head and Wast Water:

Looking down to Wasdale Head, I could see that the car park was filling up.

Looking down to Wasdale Head during ascent of Lingmell:

On reaching a height of 520m the gradient eased and it was then just a pleasant stroll to the summit.

Ascending Lingmell:

On reaching the summit of Lingmell, I visited both tops as it was difficult to tell which was higher in the mist.

Approaching the summit of Lingmell:

From the summit of Lingmell, I made my way down towards the col between Lingmell and Scafell Pike. On reaching the col, I joined the main route up Scafell Pike and joined the hordes. For a while, I got stuck in amongst a full bus-load of walkers. I therefore stepped up a gear to pass them all.

Onto the tourist track up Scafell Pike:

I am not used to walking up a hill with so many other people. Many of the hills I ascend are completely devoid of other walkers. Today I enjoyed walking amongst so many other walkers who were mostly enjoying the walk despite the complete lack of visibility. I do however enjoy the solitude of walking alone.

Lots of walkers ascending Scafell Pike:

Ascending Scafell Pike:

On reaching the summit there were dozens of other walkers many of whom were taking part in charitable walks. I was not impressed with the amount of rubbish lying about. This hill does have much in common with Ben Nevis and Snowdon!

At the summit of Scafell Pike:

At the summit of Scafell Pike:

I stopped for five minutes at the summit. This was my only stop of the day.

I had worn a pair of trail shoes as far as the summit of Scafell Pike however I was carrying my boots in my rucksack. At the summit I changed into my boots as I was aware of the much rougher terrain that was to follow. From the summit I was now on to familiar territory having ascended Scafell Pike previously from Seathwaite.

Large shelter below summit of Scafell Pike:

I didn't bother ascending Broad Crag and Ill crag today as I have ascended them previously and don't have any plans for a second round of Furths. Completing one round would be good - I need a return trip to Ireland in better weather.

Following the cairns between Broad Crag and Ill Crag:

Beyond the rough boulderfield, I left the main track at a small cairn to ascend Great End. I used Viewranger to find the summit to save having to search about in the mist.

At the summit of Great End:

Approaching a large cross during descent from Great End:

On reaching Esk Hause, I started my descent to Sty Head.

At Esk Hause:

After descending circa 100m, I started to get some views as I exited the low cloud.

Descent towards Sty Head:

Descent towards Sty Head:

Great End has some impressive crags, as do many of the other hills in this area.

Great End crags:

It was nice to see Sprinkling Tarn again.

Sprinkling Tarn:

Descent to Sty Head:

During the descent, I got my first clear view of Lingmell. It is also a very rocky hill with an impressive gorge.


Styhead Tarn:

It was good to reach Sty Head.

Stretcher Box at Sty Head:

From Sty Head, I followed the track leading back out to Wasdale Head. This was also familiar territory as I walked this track previously on ascending Kirk Fell and Great Gable.

Descent to Wasdale Head:

The crags on Great Gable look very impressive. I think Napes Needle is visible in the next photo.

Crag on Great Gable including Napes Needle (zoom):

Descent to Wasdale Head:

Looking back towards Great Gable:

Bridge at Wasdale Head:

I was a bit miffed to look back and see blue sky and sunshine at the end of the walk .

Looking back towards Great Gable from Wasdale Head:

My guidebook suggests 8 hours for this walk. I managed it in 6.

Following the walk, I returned to my weekend base at Ravenglass. In Ravenglass, the Inn serves outstanding seafood. The Fish and Chips are good enough to rival the fish and chip shops in Ullapool.

Ravenglass after sunset (view whilst eating my fish and chips outside):