Hill: Whitehope Law
Date: Friday 14th November 2014
Company: Just myself
Distance: 6.1km, Ascent: 385m
Time: 1Hr 50Mins

I set off from home at 5am this morning with a view to ascending several hills near Peebles. On arrival in the Borders the weather was so poor that I was reluctant to get out of the car. The MWIS forecast was unfortunately correct: heavy rain throughout the day, 75mph gusts and low cloud.

With a bit of contortionism I managed to get suited and booted inside the car although this proved to be fairly pointless as before long I was going to be soaked to the skin anyway. Given the walk was going to be fairly short I didn't bother taking a rucksack and used by phone to take photos leaving the DSLR in the car.

I opted to make up my own route today. The route I took turned out to be really good as there were tracks to follow pretty-much all the way from start to summit and there were bridges over the burns.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

From the car I walked a short distance along the B709 before taking the track leading to Whitehope farm.

Looking towards Whitehope and Whitehope Law from the B709:

I walked the tarmac track as far as Whitehope farm and then followed a grass track heading towards a small dam and sheep pens.

Track to Leithenhope Cottage and Whitehope farm:

Whitehope farm:

Track alongside burn:

On reaching a gate, and small bridge over the burn, I walked up the Neth Hill with a view to gaining the SW ridge of Whitehope Law.

Gate providing access to the Neth Hill:

Looking back to Whitehope farm and the B709:

Ascent of the Neth Hill next to the treeline:

On reaching the top of the field, I followed the track running alongside the dyke.

Following the dyke:

Looking back:

On reaching a tree at the end of the field, I crossed into the next field and then followed a track to gain the SW ridge. At the high-point of the ridge there is a small section of fence with no barbed wire. I then followed an ATV track to the summit. The ATV track would appear to be used to fill numerous grouse feeders.

Marker posts marking grouse feed boxes on the SW ridge:

Wet track leading to the summit:

No views from the summit. Another dismal Donald .

Small pile of stones at the summit of Whitehope Law:

I returned to the car via exactly the same route. By the time I reached the car I was literally soaked to the skin, so I abandoned plans to ascend any other hills today. Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow.