Hill: Glas-bheinn Mhor
Date: Friday 28th November 2014
Company: Myself and Cuillin
Distance: 16.4km, Ascent: 750m
Time: 4Hrs 5Mins

The weather forecast for today was for low cloud and fog. I decided to ascend a hill in the hope that I might be able to ascend above the low cloud and get some cloud inversion.

I opted to ascend Glas-bheinn Mhor a hill that has been on my 'to do' list for a few years. Most seem to ascend Glas-bheinn Mhor along with Meall Fuar-mhonaidh starting from Balbeg. I decided to ascend from Alltsigh instead.

I drove to Alltsigh where I parked in the Youth Hostel car park. The hostel is closed at this time of year.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

From the Youth Hostel car park, I walked circa 50m along the A82 before heading up to join the Great Glen Cycle Route track.

Alltsigh (Youth Hostel Car Park):

On reaching the Great Glen Ways Slighean a'Ghlinn Mhoir sign, I crossed over the bridge and followed the Great Glen Cycle Route track for circa 200m before taking the Allt Saigh track uphill.

At Slighean a'Ghlinn Mhoir:

I enjoyed ascending the track alongside the Allt Saigh. There were numerous birds flying between the trees. I am fairly certain I briefly saw a Jay.

It was also nice today to walk with Cuillin, my Cocker Spaniel. Now that he is well over a year old I need to start taking him out on the hill with me more frequently.

Track ascending alongside the Allt Saigh:

Steep slopes of Creag Dhearg in the mist:

On reaching the top of the forest and after crossing the bridge over the Allt Saigh I took the track leading to Loch an t-Sionnaich and Glas-bheinn Mhor.

Track beyond the Creag-nan Eun forest:

Allt Saigh:

As I gained height I caught my first glimpses of inversion below. I could also see Burach, a Sub2000ft Marilyn I have yet to ascend.

Looking towards Burach:

Cloud inversion over Loch Ness:

Looking towards Glas-bheinn Mhor in the distance:

I continued along the track for several kilometres.

Looking back:

Looking back:

Glas-bheinn Mhor:

Small Hydro scheme below Loch an t-Sionnaich:

Just beyond the small hydro scheme I was passed by a 4x4 with two men inside. We met up again beside a pre-windfarm met mast that is located about 80m below the summit of Glas-bheinn Mhor.

SSE apparently want to build yet another windfarm in an inappropriate place. Do we really need or want a windfarm above Loch Ness near/on the summit of a Graham?

Pre-windfarm met mast below summit of Glas-bheinn Mhor:

From the mast, I made my way up to the summit of Glas-bheinn Mhor.

Heading for the summit area of Glas-bheinn Mhor:

Inversion over Loch Ness:

I visited the cairn, the trig point and another high-point. After taking some photos I returned to the car via the same route.

At the summit of Glas-bheinn Mhor:

Cuillin on the Glas-bheinn Mhor trig point:

Loch Ness covered in cloud:

Meall Fuar-mhonaidh:

Inversion at Alltsigh:

This is a good route for ascending Glas-bheinn Mhor. If you are thinking of ascending this one, it might be worth doing so before it is covered in turbines.