Coastal Walk: Cruden Bay to Whinnyfold
Date: Wednesday 24th December 2014
Company: Myself, Becky and Cuillin
Distance: 9.2km, Ascent: 115m
Time: 2Hrs 5Mins

Another poor mountain forecast resulted in me heading East to catch the best of the weather. I decided to head to one of my favourite North-East beaches, Cruden Bay. Today, I enjoyed the company of Becky and Cuillin.

I parked in the beach parking area c.100m from the footbridge leading to Cruden Bay beach.

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Despite visiting Cruden Bay numerous times previously I had not before walked the full length of the bay. Today our plan was to walk the full length of the bay and a short distance beyond to Whinnyfold before returning back to the car.

Bridge across Water of Cruden leading to Cruden Bay beach:

After crossing the bridge we walked along the length of the beach.

Water of Cruden:

WWII concrete blocks:

The early morning colours this morning were lovely.

Just after sunrise:

Cruden Bay beach:

Lovely colours:


Cruden Bay beach:

Looking back towards Cruden Bay:

At the south-end of the beach we passed by numerous rocks.



Cruden Bay beach:

On looking back it was nice to see Slains Castle which is possibly the inspiration for the novel Dracula.

Slains Castle (zoom):

Rocks and the Skares:

Becky with Slains Castle in distance:

On reaching the WWII shelter at the south-end of the beach we went through a gate to access the coastal path leading to Whinnyfold. There is a warning sign advising to take care as the path makes its way round the top of some cliffs.

WWII Shelter at south-end of Cruden Bay beach:

The clifftop path wasn't particularly dangerous today but I wouldn't have fancied taking Becky along it had the weather been wet and windy.

Sandy Haven:

As we made our way round the cliff tops towards Whinnyfold, Becky spotted a number of seals on the rocks below.


The air clarity today was pretty-good. Despite Aberdeen being 30km away as the crow flies, we were able to identify a few of the buildings.

Coast south of Whinnyfold:

There is a zig-zagging set of steps leading down from Whinnyfold to the shore. I will probably head down and up these steps when I undertake the next section of coast from Whinnyfold to Collieston.


Aberdeen from Whinnyfold (zoom):

From Whinnyfold, we made our way back along the road to Cruden Bay.

Looking towards Cruden Bay from road:

Nice to get out for a wee coastal walk but I need a hill fix soon!

Merry Christmas all.