Hill: Carn Salachaidh
Date: Wednesday 13th May 2015
Company: Myself and Cuillin
Distance: 13.1km, Ascent: 805m
Time: 4Hrs 25Mins

I set off from home this morning with a view to ascending one of my outstanding Grahams. With several in mind, there was considerable indecision until reaching Inverness where I opted for an ascent of Carn Salachaidh.

On reaching Strathcarron, I parked in the passing place directly opposite Gruinards Lodge. The track leading towards Carn Salachaidh starts at this passing place.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I had to walk around several fallen trees during the initial walk through the small wood.

Track through forest near Gruinards Lodge:

Beyond the wood I followed the track up through grassy slopes towards a rusty iron gate. From the outset, the ground was fairly wet underfoot.

Looking back to the River Carron:

The weather was not as good as had been forecast the day previous. It was overcast throughout the walk with no sign of any forecasted sunshine.

Following the track towards Carn Salachaidh:

Looking East towards the Dornoch Firth:

After ascending to a height of 230m, we had to descend circa 100m to cross the Allt a' Ghlinne.

Carn Salachaidh:

We followed the track as far as the Allt a' Ghlinne. Beyond the Allt a' Ghlinne we followed an intermittent path heading up Carn a' Bhealaich.


Looking back during ascent of Carn a' Bhealaich (509m top):

During the ascent, I tried to stick to grass avoiding as much tussocks and heather as possible.

Looking back towards Breac-Bheinn:

During the ascent of Carn a'Bhealaich, I could make out Cul Beag and Cul Mor in Assynt. As I approached the top of Carn a' Bhealaich, Suilven also came into view.

Carn Salachaidh from Carn a' Bhealaich:

Assynt hills (zoom):

Suilven (zoom):

Ascending Carn Salachaidh:

As I made my way up Carn Salachaidh, it was nice to see nearby Carn Chuinneag. I ascended Carn Chuinneag in July 2007.

Carn Chuinneag:

Ascending Carn Salachaidh:

Approaching the summit of Carn Salachaidh:

On reaching the summit area, we initially visited the trig point from where I took several photos.

Cuillin at the trig point on Carn Salachaidh:

We then made our way across to the summit rocks circa 50m distant from the trig point. The summit rocks are 2m higher than the trig.

Before ascending the summit rocks, I put my camera onto self-timer to take a photo of myself and Cuillin at the summit. We had 10 seconds to get from the camera to the summit. On the first attempt we were not quick enough. On the second attempt we did better.

Myself and Cuillin on the summit rocks of Carn Salachaidh:

Myself and Cuillin on the summit rocks of Carn Salachaidh:

I lifted Cuillin up onto the actual summit rock which is separated from the main rocks by a short gap. I then also stepped across onto the summit rock.

From the summit, we returned to the car via roughly the same route, except for avoiding a stretch of deep heather that we walked through during the ascent.

Large boulder passed during descent:

Descent from Carn Salachaidh:

Heading towards Strathcarron:

As we approached Strathcarron, we come across a small flock of sheep which ran towards us. They didn't seem scared by the presence of a dog!


By the time we reached the car, Cuillin was muckit. A stop at Cullen beach on the way home was therefore in order .