Hills: A' Chailleach and Carn Sgulain
Date: Tuesday 9th June 2015
Company: Myself and Cuillin
Distance: 16.9km, Ascent: 760m
Time: 5Hrs 15Mins

I had a day off work today so I decided to take advantage of the good weather and head for the hills. After much pondering over maps, I opted to head to the Monadh Liath for an ascent of A'Chailleach and Carn Sgulain.

I arrived in the Glen Banchor car park around 08.30 and soon thereafter set off along the track.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Two other walkers set off just ahead of me today. I met them numerous times throughout the walk including at the bothy and at both summits.

Track from Glen Banchor:

A' Chailleach in the distance:

I had the pleasure of Cuillin's company today. As Cuillin is now >18 months old, he will now be accompanying myself on more walks.

Cuillin posing on the track:

Looking back:

On reaching a cairn on the track, we left the track to cross the Allt a' Chaorainn via a small wooden bridge. Beyond the bridge it was fairly wet underfoot.

During the ascent of the lower slopes of A' Chailleach, we arrived at a small bothy. We spent around ten minutes inside the bothy where I had a drink, took off a layer of clothes and gave Cuillin some food and water.

Bothy on slopes of A' Chailleach:

Inside the bothy:

Looking back:

As it was fairly hot today, I dunked Cuillin in several burns and large puddles to keep him cool. Whenever I stopped, he tried to dry himself off by rolling on the ground.

Camouflage dog:

Ascending final slopes of A' Chailleach:

I stopped at the summit of A' Chailleach just long enough to take some photos and to give Cuillin some dog treats.

Cuillin at the summit of A' Chailleach:

From A' Chailleach, we made our way down to the col and then made our way up a snow patch on the other side.

Looking across to Carn Sgulain from A' Chailleach:

Approaching the col between A' Chailleach and Carn Sgulain:

Cuillin on the snow patch:

We passed several snow patches during the ascent of Carn Sgulain. As we crossed one of the snow patches, a hare ran out across the patch just in front of us.

Hare one minute, gone the next:

Cuillin on a snow patch:

The ascent of Carn Sgulain involved crossing lots of peat.

Ascending Carn Sgulain:

Looking back to A' Chailleach from Carn Sgulain:

Cairngorms (zoom):

We initially visited the small summit cairn before making our way over to the larger lower cairn.

Cuillin at the summit of Carn Sgulain:

Looking towards A' Chailleach from the summit of Carn Sgulain:

I had a look at the map at the summit and decided to return via a different route. I could see a landrover track marked on the map that made its way out to Glen Banchor. I therefore decided to make my way down to pick up the start of this track.

Descent from Carn Sgulain:

Descent from Carn Sgulain:

The initial descent was fine. However on reaching the valley the ground was very wet underfoot.

A' Chailleach:

Shortly before picking up the landrover track, I almost stood on a Ptarmigan which stayed on its eggs right until the last-minute before making lots of noise and pretending it had a broken wing to entice us away from its nest. I am glad Cuillin was on his lead such that I could keep him under control and away from the bird.


Cairngorms (zoom):

The landrover track was good however the footpath beyond was terrible; non-existent in places and extremely wet underfoot. I wouldn't recommend my return route. It was a relief to eventually reach Glen Banchor and to walk circa 1km along dry tarmac back to the car.