Hill: Bin of Cullen
Date: Thursday 23rd July 2015 / Friday 24th July 2015
Company: Myself and Becky
Distance: 5.3km, Ascent: 230m

I promised Becky that I would take her wild camping on a hill during the school summer holidays. As Becky hadn't camped on a hill previously, I selected an easy, close-to-home hill; the Bin of Cullen.

The weather forecast for yesterday evening and throughout the night looked fairly good, so a last-minute decision was made to head out both walking and camping. We set off from home at 19:30 yesterday evening and commenced walking up the hill shortly before 20:00. This would be my 5th ascent of the Bin of Cullen and Becky's 4th ascent.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

About to commence our walk up the Bin of Cullen:

During the ascent, we talked about various plants and wildlife encountered.

Becky on the initial section of track beyond Braidbog:

Myself on the initial section of track beyond Braidbog:

At the Glen Burn:

As we progressed up the main track, we met four walkers descending who asked if we were camping up there (having noticed the size of my pack). They advised that it was windy up top. I assured them we would be fine as I had a mountain tent.

Ascending the Bin of Cullen:

Heading out above the trees:

On reaching the summit, it was a touch windy; perhaps gusting to 25mph. After pitching the inner, I got Becky inside the tent and into her sleeping bag out of the cold and then continued with pitching the outer.

Pitched-up at the summit of the Bin of Cullen:

After pitching the tent I took some photos.

View from the summit toposcope:

Becky looking forward to her first wild/summit camp:

Panorama from the summit of the Bin of Cullen:

We then stayed in the tent but went outside again at sunset and a couple of times during the night to see the stars and the lights along the Moray Coast.

Pre-sunset view from the summit of the Bin of Cullen:

Buckie, Lossiemouth and beyond at 3am from the summit of the Bin of Cullen:

Tent and trig point at 3am:

Cullen at 3am from the summit of the Bin of Cullen:

At 07:15 this morning, I packed up camp before we made our way back down the hill.

Ready to set off back down the hill:

This morning the hillside was literally covered with thousands of Magpie moths. We had to take care not to stand on any.

Magpie moth:

Heading back out to the car:

It didn't take long to get back down to the car. Becky thoroughly enjoyed her first wild camp. We are both looking forward to heading out again.