Coastal Walk: Scotstown Beach to Peterhead (and back)
Date: Thursday 13th August 2015
Company: Myself, Becky and Cuillin
Distance: 11.6km, Ascent: 85m
Time: 3Hrs 10Mins

A short walk today along the stretch of Buchan coast immediately North of Peterhead. For this walk, I drove to St. Fergus and then parked in the Scotstown Beach car park.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Less than two weeks ago, I entered Scotstown Beach from the same starting point to walk North to Rattray Head. Today we would be walking South to Peterhead.

Heading down to Scotstown Beach from Scotston car park:

The coast from St. Combs to Peterhead consists of miles and miles of continuous, clean, almost deserted sandy beach. You can walk for miles along unspoilt sands without seeing a sole.

Looking along Scotstown Beach towards Scotstown Head:

We hit the weather jackpot today walking North of Peterhead. The coast South of Peterhead was mostly in clag.

Cuillin on Scotstown Beach:

Cuillin on the beach between Scotstown Head and Kirkton Head:

Having fun in the waves:


The tide was coming in as we walked along the beach. We stuck as close to the water as possible as it was easier to walk along wet consolidated sand than deep, dry sand.


At Kirkton Head:

A short distance beyond Kirkton Head, we found what was my highlight of the walk; a Lion's Mane Jellyfish circa 20" in diameter. Apparently this is a small one as they can grow to 2m in diameter and can have trailing tentacles over 30m long. This is the largest species of jellyfish in the world.

A Lion's Mane Jellyfish:

Looking towards Peterhead (zoom):

On reaching Craigewan, we ascended to the top of the dunes to avoid a section of rocks and boulders on the shore. We could see numerous cormorant at Craigewan.


Beyond Craigewan, we dropped back down onto the beach doubling-back 20m or so to visit an old WWII shelter.

Becky at a WWII shelter at Craigewan:

Approaching Buchanhaven:

Birnie Bridge:

The River Ugie:

Our final destination was the far side of Birnie Bridge; as I had previously walked the section of coast South of Birnie Bridge.

We then crossed back over Birnie Bridge and progressed along the top of the dunes instead of along the beach. As the dune grasses were fairly sharp as soon as we were past Craigewan, we dropped back down onto the beach.

Heading back along the top of the dunes:

As we walked back towards Scotstown, Becky enjoyed seeing me get caught by a large wave which soaked my feet and legs up to my shins.

Looking back along the beach towards Peterhead:

Looking towards St. Fergus:

Cuillin back in the water:

This was an enjoyable short walk along a lovely stretch of beach.

This completes a continuous stretch of coast from Culbin (West of Forres) to Whinnyfold (South of Cruden Bay). I now have to walk West of Culbin and South of Whinnyfold to eventually complete my aim of walking the entire coast from Aberdeen to Inverness.