Coastal Walk: Kingsteps to Nairn
Date: Tuesday 29th December 2015
Company: Becky, Cuillin and Myself
Distance: 10km, Ascent: 40m
Time: 2Hrs 30Mins

A short unplanned walk today covering another section of coast between Aberdeen and Inverness that I had not walked previously. The weather today was very much a calm between two storms.

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I parked in the Kingsteps car park where there is room for numerous cars.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

From the car park, we followed a good path leading down towards the coast.

Kingsteps car park:

On the path from Kingsteps car park to the shore:

We initially made our way East to reach a raised, chicken-wire-covered wooden pathway which we crossed to gain access to the sand. Once onto the sand we doubled-back now heading in the direction of Nairn.

Ripples in the sand, looking East towards Culbin:

Looking towards Nairn:

As we walked along the coast, we could see across to Cromarty and Nigg.

View across the Moray Firth towards Cromarty and Nigg:

Becky and Cuillin:

I was surprised to see so many people walking this stretch of coast today. We literally passed dozens of people walking dozens of dogs; really busy compared with many sections of Aberdeenshire coast which can be walked without meeting anyone.

Looking back along the beach towards Kingsteps and Culbin:

It didn't take long to walk from Kingsteps to Nairn.

Approaching Nairn:

On reaching Nairn, we stepped-up onto the pier and then walked a short distance South to reach the first bridge over the River Nairn.

At Nairn harbour:

After crossing the River Nairn, we skirted round the Marina before again walking down onto the sandy beach.

Nairn Marina:

Nairn Marina:

A Nairn fishwife:

As it was only circa two hours until high tide, there was not much beach left to walk along. The waves today would have been great for surfing.

Back onto the beach beyond the Marina:

Looking back towards Nairn piers:

Next we left the beach to walk along the promenade which leads towards Nairn Golf Club. The promenade has numerous benches. We sat down on a couple to watch the waves.

On the promenade:

On reaching the entrance to Nairn Golf Club, we decided that was probably far enough for today as we hadn't been planning on walking and as such had no food, drinks, etc. with us. I also didn't have my camera so all pics were just taken with my phone.

Nairn Golf Club:

We decided to head back via the town centre in order to get some drinks.

Golf View Hotel:

Nairn Old Parish Church:

River Nairn:

Despite having passed through Nairn on possibly 500 or more occasions, this was the first time I had visited its beaches. I am now looking forward to walking the coast from Culbin to Kingsteps and also from Nairn out towards Fort George.