Hill: Corse Hill
Date: Saturday 23rd January 2016
Company: Myself and Becky
Distance: 8km, Ascent: 165m
Time: 1Hr 50Mins

Prior to spending the day in Glasgow, we set off early to ascend an easy Sub2000ft Marilyn located south of East Kilbride. We started the walk from Carrot which is located a few kilometres beyond Eaglesham.

We set off walking thirty-five minutes before sunrise hoping that we might witness the sunrise from the hill. No such luck today.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

At the start of the walk, we entered a field via a gap in the fence and then followed a grassy track skirting round Carrot cottage.

In the field skirting round Carrot cottage:

Looking back to Carrot:

A short distance beyond Carrot, we came to the first of several marker posts. It would appear there are two way-marked routes to Corse Hill. We opted for the shorter 3.4km/2.25 mile route to the summit.

Becky showing the way:

Looking back to Carrot:

We passed several muddy and several wet sections of track today. The worst of the mud and wetness was however avoidable.

Negotiating a short wet section of track:

On the vehicle track heading towards the summit:

Corse Hill is literally covered in wind turbines (Whitelee windfarm). The 215 turbines on Corse Hill make it the largest windfarm in the UK. As I have a strong dislike for wind turbines this was definitely not my favourite walk. Saying that, it is better to smother a low-lying hill like Corse Hill with turbines than it is to sprinkle them in ones and twos here, there and everywhere. They should absolutely be kept away from the Highlands and areas of wild land.

En-route to the summit, it is necessary to walk directly underneath two of the turbines. I am always nervous walking underneath these monstrous fast-spinning blades. Given the temperature today was +7C, at least there was little chance of ice falling from the blades.

Turbine 115, very close to the track:

A small selection of the vast array of turbines on Corse Hill:

We reached the summit shortly before 9.00am.

Fenced enclosure next to the summit trig point:

Becky at the summit of Corse Hill:

After taking a few photos at the summit, we continued back to the car via exactly the same route.

Glasgow in the mist(zoom):


This is a hill I have no intention of ever repeating. Definitely not a classic.