Hill: Meikle Bin
Date: Wednesday 16th March 2016
Company: Just myself
Distance: 10.4km, Ascent: 435m
Time: 1Hr 54Mins

Just a short, quick walk today en-route to Glasgow. Ballater and Braemar were basking in sunshine as I passed through them. The Cairngorms looked fantastic, Glen Shee looked great, even the Cairnwell looked good ! However, the further South I travelled, the more low cloud I encountered .

I drove to and parked at the Todholes car park for an ascent of Meikle Bin. According to the Walk Highlands route, an ascent of Meikle Bin takes two to three hours. Given the walk involves >10km distance and >400m ascent, I thought two hours was fairly ambitious.

I don't normally rush my hills but today I set myself a challenge to reach the summit within 1 hour but with no running allowed; I don't do running. Power walking was however permissable .

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Todholes car park, Carron Valley:

I set off from the car park at a brisk pace, only stopping to take the occasional photo with my iPhone.

Carron Valley Reservoir dam:

I kept an eye on Viewranger during the walk to check my speed. I tried to keep up a speed of 6 kmph.

One of numerous numbered waymarker posts:

Track alongside the Carron Valley Reservoir:

Meikle Bin capped in clag:

River Carron:

During the ascent I passed a couple of decorated trees.

A decorated tree:

Heading uphill:

Exiting the forest:

The upper section of Meikle Bin is currently in a bit of a mess owing to tree felling. I did however enjoy the potent smell of freshly cut timber.

Tree felling:

Path leading to the summit:

Final ascent towards the summit:

I reached the summit 58 minutes after setting off, so just made my one hour time limit. Naismith's time to the summit is circa 1Hr 40Mins.

Trig point at the summit of Meikle Bin:

I stayed at the summit for circa 10 seconds before heading back down the hill. There was no point hanging around as there were no views. Surprisingly, my descent was not any quicker than my ascent. I made it back to the car within two hours.

I look forward to walking my next hill at my normal relaxed pace.