Hill: Loughrigg Fell
Date: Thursday 7th April 2016
Company: Myself and Becky
Distance: 8.9km, Ascent: 420m
Time: 3Hrs 30Mins

Loughrigg Fell is a fantastic Lakeland fell. It is a Trail 100 hill and a Wainwright as well as a Marilyn. It is ideal for children as it is only 335m high, has mostly good tracks, has great views of Grasmere and Windermere and has added interest in that a visit to the Rydal caves can be included within a small circuit. I decided to repeat this hill on Thursday with Becky. I am glad I did as it turned out to be her favourite hill of the trip.

The weather forecast was for sun throughout the morning and early afternoon. It certainly was sunny when we left Barrow-in-Furness however by the time we reached Ambleside it was once again cloudy! I have not had much luck with the weather in recent visits to the Lakes .

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

We parked in a small lay-by opposite Grasmere to avoid parking charges in the two nearby official car parks. If there is one thing I dislike about the lakes, it is having to pay for parking just about everywhere.

After walking a short distance along the pavement next to Grasmere, we entered Penny Rock Wood following a path leading down to a small weir.


After a quick photo at the weir, we crossed the bridge over the Grasmere outflow before beginning our ascent of Loughrigg Fell.

Becky at the Grasmere weir:

Looking back to the weir at the head of Grasmere:

We opted to take the gentle diagonal path rising up the lower slopes instead of taking the more direct steeper route up the hill.

Looking back to Grasmere during the initial ascent of Loughrigg Fell:

As we gained more and more height, the views back to Grasmere got better and better.


View towards Rydal:

It was nice to see Helm Crag in the distance. This is a fell I have wanted to do for some time but have not as yet got round to it. I will hopefully ascend it on my next trip to the Lakes.

View towards Silver How:

On reaching a large stone just off the track, we stopped for a short break to soak in the views.

A wee rest, enjoying the views:

View towards the Langdale fells:

It wasn't long before we left the constructed stone tracks behind and made our way across fairly level ground towards the summit.

Heading for the summit of Loughrigg Fell:

Looking back:

View towards Windermere:

Becky was happy to reach the summit. This was her 13th hill of 2016 and her 41st Marilyn in total. Becky has set herself a target of reaching 50 Marilyns before her 10th birthday later this year.

The views from the summit were pretty-good, especially looking South towards Windermere.

Becky at the summit of Loughrigg Fell:

View from the summit of Loughrigg Fell:

View from the summit of Loughrigg Fell:

Becky at the summit of Loughrigg Fell:

From the summit, we made our way across to another nearby knoll which looks to be about the same height as the summit.

Looking down to Ambleside:

Our next objective was to visit the Rydal caves, so we made our way across and through the many knolls of Loughrigg Fell with a view to picking up the track leading down to the caves.

Looking back towards the summit of Loughrigg Fell:

Ambleside (zoom):

Windermere (zoom):

Ivy Crag:

Visiting the caves was Becky's favourite part of the walk, and probably mine too.

Rydal caves:

Inside one of the Rydal caves:

Inside one of the Rydal caves:

From the caves, we returned along the excellent track towards Grasmere. During the walk back we had to endure a heavy shower. This was an ideal test for Becky's new waterproof jacket, purchased in nearby Ambleside the day previous.

A great half-day out.