Hill: Little Conval
Date: Wednesday 6th July 2016
Company: Myself, Becky and Cuillin
Distance: 6km, Ascent: 305m
Time: 1Hr 50Mins

A real last-minute decision to head out today. At 15:50, I decided to finish work at 16:00 and head out to ascend a Sub2000ft Marilyn with Becky. Becky is keen to reach a total of 50 Marilyns before reaching the age of 10; today's hill would take her tally to 47.

Having injured my knee just over one month ago, thus far it is showing little sign of healing. I strongly suspect I have torn the medial meniscus. I am hoping the tear is minor and will heal itself without requiring surgery. Long summer days being mostly stuck indoors is not good. I was therefore looking forward to getting out and up anything.

It was originally my intention to head towards Aboyne for an ascent of Craiglich. However, it was proving difficult to head in that direction as the Aberchirder to Huntly road was closed and the Huntly to Rhynie road was closed. We therefore made our way towards Dufftown instead for an ascent of one of the Convals.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I parked at Dufftown Golf Club and set off walking a short distance along the B9009 to reach the start of the track heading for the Convals. From the outset, my knee did not feel right. It was therefore going to be a very slow plod taking great care not to twist my knee in the slightest.

Becky and Cuillin near the start of the track:

As we walked along the track we passed a number of foxglove adding a lovely splash of purple to the surrounding greens.

Meikle Conval:

It was not until reaching the track junction between Meikle Conval and Little Conval that we decided which one to ascend. I opted for Little Conval as it looked to have a better track.

Meikle Conval:

Nearby Ben Rinnes is a great wee hill. I have ascended it several times previously, Cuillin twice previously and Becky once previously.

Ben Rinnes (zoom):

Little Conval:

As we made our way up Little Conval, it started to rain. This was disappointing as according to the MetOffice forecast, which I checked before leaving, it was not due to rain until 22:00.

Ascending Little Conval:

Meikle Conval and Ben Rinnes from Little Conval:

On reaching the summit of Little Conval, I took several photos. We also had a look at numerous Cloudberry next to the summit. The Cloudberry was still all hard and unripe; not yet ready to eat.

At the summit of Little Conval:

Cloudberry at the summit:

We returned back to the car via the same route. Thanks to Becky for waiting for her old dad to make it down!!!

On the track heading back to the B9009: