Hill: Craiglich
Date: Sunday 17th July 2016
Company: Myself and Becky
Distance: 4km, Ascent: 190m
Time: 1Hr 35Mins

On Sunday morning I set out with Becky to ascend Craiglich, an Aberdeenshire Sub2000ft Marilyn. Becky has set herself a goal of reaching 50 Marilyns before her 10th birthday; an ascent of Craiglich would take her tally to 48. After her birthday, she would like to concentrate on doing Munros instead of little hills.

From home, it took approximately one hour to drive to the starting point. We parked in the large lay-by opposite the start of the track.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

On entering the field at the start of the walk, I advised Becky to avoid brushing against any of the long grass to potentially avoid ticks. About six feet into the field, we decided to look at the nearest clump of long grass to see if there were any ticks and right enough there was one sitting waiting right at the top. I therefore set off in front swinging my pole from side to side to knock any ticks off the long grass ahead of us. I also stopped several times during the walk to check to if we had acquired any onto our clothes. This seems to be a bad year for ticks.

Craiglich from start of track:

On reaching the end of the field we used a stile to climb over the fence next to the gate.

Onto the forestry track:

During the ascent, on reaching a clearing in the trees, we could see Morven. I ascended Morven just three weeks previous.

View towards Morven:

We followed the vehicle track round the hill until reaching a cairn marking the start of the track leading to the summit.

Cairn marking start of track leading to the summit:

Onto the track leading towards the summit:

As we made our way towards the summit we could see Mount Keen, Lochnagar, Clachnaben and Bennachie to name a few.

Becky ascending the track with Mount Keen in the distance:

Bennachie (zoom):

We spent a good bit of time at the summit taking photos and chatting. I placed the camera on top of the trig point in an attempt to capture a photo of both of us atop the summit cairn. It was a bit of a challenge getting from the trig point onto the top of the cairn within the 10 second self-timer period.

Becky at the summit of Craiglich:

There was lots of Mountain Thyme beside the summit.

Mountain Thyme next to summit cairn:

Myself and Becky atop the summit cairn:

During the descent we stopped to take some photos of Pressendye and to say hello to a couple with two young children and a lively black lab who were heading up the hill.


Heading back:

Craiglich is a nice, easy hill with a track from start to finish. It is an ideal wee hill for young kids.