Hills: Cairnwell, Carn a' Gheoidh and Carn Aosda
Date: Sunday 4th September 2016
Company: Myself, Becky and Cuillin
Distance: 11.6km, Ascent: 650m
Time: 4Hrs 55Mins

We set off from home at 05.45 on Sunday morning towards Glen Shee for an ascent of Cairnwell, Carn a' Gheoidh and Carn Aosda. This would be my seventh ascent of Cairnwell and sixth ascent of Carn a' Gheoidh and Carn Aosda which many would argue is six or seven times too many. This would however be Becky's first ascent of these hills.

On arriving in the car park, midge nets were essential attire while getting suited and booted. The wee buggers were out in force as there was not a breath of wind.

Midge Fodder:

After taking a few photos we set off across the road for an ascent of Cairnwell.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

For the ascent of Cairnwell, we followed the line of the chairlift.

Looking across to Carn Aosda during ascent of Cairnwell:

From the outset, I was not looking forward to an ascent of these hills as much of Cairnwell and Carn Aosda have been devastated with ski runs and bulldozed paths.

Ascending Cairnwell below the chairlift:

Looking back to the Glen Shee Ski Centre:

The ascent of Cairnwell was as steep as ever so it was a relief for Becky to reach the ridge and even more destruction.

Having a wee rest at the hut at the top of the chairlift:

Final ascent to the summit of Cairnwell:

We didn't spend long at the summit of Cairnwell where I advised Becky, "Don't worry the other 281 Munros are all nicer than this one!"

Becky and Cuillin at the summit of Cairnwell:

From Cairnwell, we made our way round towards Carn a' Gheoidh.

Looking back to Cairnwell:

Carn a' Gheoidh:

It was good to get onto the slopes of Carn a' Gheoidh which has thus far escaped the destruction seen on Cairnwell and Carn Aosda.

Starting the ascent of Carn a' Gheoidh:

Loch Vrotachan is a nice wee lochan.

Loch Vrotachan:

Carn Aosda:

Cuillin's highlight of the day was having a wee swim in one of the lochans.

Cuillin having a paddle on one of the lochans:

Becky en-route to Carn a' Gheoidh:

Becky was pleased to reach the summit of Carn a' Gheoidh which is not only a Munro but also a Marilyn.

Becky at the summit of Carn a' Gheoidh:

Becky and Cuillin in the Carn a' Gheoidh summit shelter:

From Carn a' Gheoidh, we headed back towards Cairnwell/Carn Aosda, stopping off en-route for Cuillin to have another wee swim.

Heading from Carn a' Gheoidh to Carn Aosda:

Cuillin having a swim in one of the lochans:

We were soon making our way up the third Munro of the day, Carn Aosda, via more ugly, bulldozed paths.

Heading for Carn Aosda:

Cairnwell from ascent of Carn Aosda:

Final ascent of Carn Aosda:

It was great to reach the summit of Carn Aosda not because it is a great viewpoint but because it was our third and final hill and we could now head down.

Becky and Cuillin at the summit of Carn Aosda:

The path descending Carn Aosda was the worst yet. Literally just a pile of rubble.

Looking back at pile of rubble descent from Carn Aosda:

Approaching the Glen Shee Ski Centre:

I don't think I will be ascending these hills again and Becky said she won't be either. Glenshee Ski Centre - What a mess!