Hills: Mayar and Driesh
Date: Friday 9th September 2016
Company: Myself, Joanne, Cuillin, Mac
Distance: 14.6km, Ascent: 965m
Time: 5Hrs 5Mins

I set out yesterday morning to ascend a couple of Munros with Joanne, Mac and Cuillin. The forecast to the south and east looked better than the forecast to the north and west, we therefore opted to head to Glendoll for an ascent of Mayar and Driesh.

On arriving in Glendoll, we got suited and booted, paid the £2 car park charge and thereafter set off walking towards the Kilbo Path.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Glen Doll Visitor Centre:

It was a bit wet underfoot in places owing to recent rain and the cloud level was really low. The weather was a touch disappointing as the MWIS forecast had suggested up to 70% cloud-free Munros.

Start of Kilbo Path:

During the initial ascent of the Kilbo Path, we tried to keep the dogs on the centre of the path to avoid potentially getting ticks from the long tussocks to the side of the path. This proved challenging.

Kilbo path:

On the Kilbo Path:

As we walked along the initial section of the Kilbo Path, we spotted a splash of colour on the ground. A lovely Peacock butterfly was resting on the ground. The butterfly did not object to us taking its photo.

Peacock butterfly:

We were soon walking alongside and then through Glendoll forest where we had a few easy burns to cross.

Joanne and Mac:

Before long we were out of the forest and ascending the Shank of Drumfollow path leading towards the col between Mayar and Driesh.

Exiting Glendoll forest:

On reaching the col, we were exposed to the wind which I estimate was averaging about 25-30mph with gusts to 40mph. We opted to head first for Mayar.

On reaching the summit of Mayar, we stopped long enough to take a few photos before heading back towards the col. Conditions were sub-optimal and visibility was pants!

Joanne, Mac and Cuillin at the summit of Mayar:

We had a brief stop a short distance below the summit before returning to the col and then on towards Driesh.

Heading for Little Driesh:

We all faced blustery conditions at the summit of Driesh. The two dogs looked mightily-impressed in the next photo. They were both enjoying themselves, honest!

Joanne, Mac and Cuillin at the summit of Driesh:

Joanne, Mac and Cuillin at the summit of Driesh:

From the summit of Driesh, we returned to the col and began our descent back towards Glen Doll. As we began our descent, the cloud lifted and we got views of Mayar, Driesh and surrounding hills including Mount Keen.

Heading back towards the Shank of Drumfollow:

View from col between Mayar and Driesh:

Looking back to Driesh and Little Driesh:

We stopped briefly during the descent to take some photos. It was nice to get some views instead of seeing nothing but cloud and rain.

Joanne and Mac:

Joanne and Mac:

A round, yellow UFO appeared during the descent which blasted us with its heat ray.

Heading down to Glendoll forest:

Looking back:

Craig Mellon:

Despite the weather not being as nice as we had hoped, we all had a great day out. Well done to Cuillin on ascending his 25th Munro.