Hill: Glas-charn
Date: Saturday 5th November 2016
Company: Just myself
Distance: 9.4km, Ascent: 560m
Time: 4Hrs 10Mins

The MWIS forecast for West of Loch Linnhe today suggested 20% cloud-free Munros and 30-40mph winds. The reality for the area was closer to 90% cloud-free Munros with winds of perhaps 5-10mph at the most .

I decided to head to just beyond Glenfinnan for an ascent of Glas-charn. On paper this hill looks very easy, the reality is somewhat different; the hills in this area are fairly rough!

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

I parked opposite the track which is often used to ascend the Corbett, Sgurr an Utha. The track has recently been widened for the construction of a small hydro scheme, a kilometre or so up the glen.

The walk up through the forest this morning was a touch chilly. My car thermometer was reading 1C at the start.

Track up through the forest:

Beyond the forest the sun was lighting up the hills in their autumnal colours.

Sgurr a' Mhuidhe:

After walking circa 1km, I reached the small hydro scheme which was a useful bridge over the burn.

Small Hydro Scheme:

Beyond the small hydro scheme, I followed a wide all-terrain vehicle track which was heading in the direction I wanted to go. Beyond the ATV track, I found and followed a narrow footpath leading towards the col between Glas-charn and Sgurr an Utha.

Following the Allt Feith a' Chatha towards Glas-charn:

A short distance before the col between Glas-charn and Sgurr an Utha, I left the footpath and made my way across the rough, wet terrain towards Glas-charn.

Approaching the slopes of Glas-charn:

Looking back along the Allt Feith a' Chatha:

As the ascent is trackless, I just picked out a route trying, and mostly failing, to avoid knee-high grass.

Ascending Glas-charn:

The next photo shows the rough ground that needs to be crossed to get from the hydro track to the base of Glas-charn.

Looking back:

Ascending Glas-charn:

It was nice to see Sgurr an Utha again. I ascended this hill back in 2008.

Sgurr an Utha:

View during ascent of Glas-charn:

Ascending Glas-charn:

If it were not for the rough terrain, this would be a good hill. It is certainly a good viewpoint.

One of numerous small pools:

Ascending Glas-charn:

Looking towards the summit of Glas-charn:

On eventually reaching the summit, I stopped to take numerous photos and also to have a drink. There was no need for food as my B&B breakfast would probably have provided sufficient calories to ascend Ben Nevis at least twice!

At the summit of Glas-charn:

View from the summit of Glas-charn:

View from the summit of Glas-charn:

From the summit, I returned to the car via roughly the same route.

The hills in this area are interesting geologically. Lots of striped rock.

Striped rocks:

Sgurr an Utha:

The return to the hydro track took less time than I expected. Once onto this track it was a quick, easy descent back to the car. Seventeen Grahams to go.