Hill: Bin of Cullen
Date: Sunday 25th December 2016
Company: Just myself
Distance: 5.3km, Ascent: 230m
Time: 1Hr 15Mins

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

As I didn't have my daughter for Christmas this year it was my intention to venture into the Cairngorms on Christmas Day, however the Cairngorms are no place to be when winds are forecast at 70-90mph with gusts in excess of 100mph. I therefore instead opted for an ascent of one of my local sub2000ft Marilyns, Bin of Cullen.

I set off from my normal starting point at Braidbog, following the standard route up the hill. As I know the hill and tracks well, there was no need to look at the map.

Looking back towards sunrise:

During the ascent I stopped to chat with a lass who had already been to the summit and who was carrying down a whole bag of empty plastic bottles which had been discarded on the hill. Well done.

Soon thereafter I was met by two dogs one of which came running towards me barking at me and another which decided to jump up on me several times covering me in muddy pawprints. Had it not been Christmas, I would probably have had words with their owner who followed soon thereafter.

It was nice to see Knock Hill appear through the trees. It is a good wee hill with a fairly awful path.

Knock hill:

On seeing Ben Rinnes, I wondered if any of my MorayMC friends would be brave enough to ascend it given the ferocious winds.

Ben Rinnes just visible in distance:

Moray Coast from Buckie out towards Lossiemouth:

Knock Hill:

Knock Hill:

It didn't take long to reach the summit and get the usual views down to Buckie and Cullen. The last time I was up here I camped up top.

Summit of Bin of Cullen:

I was disappointed and fairly angry to find that some half-wit has smashed the summit toposcope. Would be good to replace it or perhaps better still remove it along with its pedestal.

Broken toposcope:

At the summit of Bin of Cullen:

While at the summit I spotted two memorials which had been placed on nearby heather. Due to the high winds many of the plastic flowers had blown away across the hillside. Placing these on the hill is no different to dropping litter. I therefore carried what was left of them back down to the car and put them in a nearby bin. Memorials should NOT be placed on hills.

Rubbish carried down from the summit:

A nice wee walk on Christmas Day. Good to get in a final wee Scottish hill in 2016.

Merry Christmas.