Hill: Beinn Suidhe
Date: Friday 3rd February 2017
Company: Just myself
Distance: 16.8km, Ascent: 585m
Time: 5Hrs

In Crianlarich this morning the weather was not inspiring, however, according to the BBC weather forecast the weather was set to improve by mid-morning and MWIS was optimistically suggesting 80% cloud-free Munros.

I decided to ascend Beinn Suidhe and therefore drove to a short distance beyond Inveroran parking in the Victoria Bridge car park.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

From the car park, I walked to Forest Lodge and then along the public right of way to Loch Etive via Glen Kinglass.

Abhainn Shira from Victoria Bridge:

Clashgour Estate:

After walking a couple of kilometres I reached the Glasgow Mountaineering Club Hut. It looks fairly basic from the outside - a green shed! I don't think I would pay to stay in this hut.

Approaching the GUM Hut:

A short distance beyond the GUM hut, a sign directs walkers onto a wet undulating path instead of along the nice road leading to Clashgour Farm.

Looking towards Beinn Suidhe:

Abhainn Shira:

Prior to setting off this morning, I knew the greatest potential challenge of the day would be getting across the burns. I managed across the Allt Ghabhar with only one damp foot.

Crossing the Allt Ghabhar:

However, the high stepping stones across the Abhainn Shira were today submersed with fast-flowing water. No way was I attempting to cross. I therefore instead walked circa 800m further along the glen to reach the Clashgour Bridge.

Clashgour Bridge and Beinn Suidhe:

View towards the Glen Etive Munros:

Clashgour Bridge is a great "shoogly" bridge. The bridge must have suffered damage at some point prior to 1997 as there is a sign on the bridge listing organisations which assisted financially with repairs.

On Clashgour Bridge:

Beyond the bridge, I took to the trackless hillside in the general direction of Beinn Suidhe.

Commencing ascent of Beinn Suidhe:

The North-East face of Beinn Suidhe is steep and rocky and probably best avoided. I skirted round to the south of the steep face and then began a rising traverse leading towards the col between the 636m top and the 676m summit.

Beinn Suidhe:

Rising traverse:

The final 100-150m of ascent was up steep wet grass. Walking poles came in handy.

Heading onto the ridge between the 636m and 676m tops:

Once onto the ridge, the final few hundred metres to the summit were very straight-forward.

Onto the ridge:

Heading towards the summit of Beinn Suidhe:

Despite MWIS suggesting 50mph winds, the strongest winds I encountered were circa 10mph. The surrounding higher hills must have been acting as a windbreak.

Limited views from the summit of Beinn Suidhe:

Limited views from the summit of Beinn Suidhe:

After taking a few photos at the summit, I returned back via roughly the same route.

View towards Victoria Bridge from summit of Beinn Suidhe:

Steep descent:


However, on reaching an ATV track, I decided to follow it down to the Kinglass track.

Looking back to steep face of Beinn Suidhe:

The ATV track led down to the Glen Kinglass track a short distance from the eastern end of Loch Dochard.

Loch Dochard:

Abhainn Shira waterfalls:

I again used the Clashgour Bridge to get across the Abhainn Shira. I was surprised to meet two other walkers during the walk out who were out for a walk along the glen.

Walk back out along the slightly wet path leading to the GUM hut:

During the walk out it was nice to get some blue sky. Hopefully the weather for Saturday and Sunday will be better than forecast.