Coastal Walk: Nairn to Whiteness Head
Date: Friday 10th February 2017
Company: Myself, Becky and Cuillin
Distance: 16.2km, Ascent: 35m
Time: 4Hrs 15Mins

Yesterday morning I set out to walk one of my remaining sections of coast lying between Aberdeen and Inverness. We drove towards Nairn leaving the snow and cloud behind in gloomy Aberdeenshire.

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On arriving in Nairn, I parked a short distance away from the entrance to the Nairn Golf Course.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

On setting off, it was approximately one hour from high tide. Had we set off nearer to low tide, I suspect we could have undertaken the entire walk along nice sandy beach.

Instead we set off through the golf club and then along a grassy path at the edge of the golf course.

Golf club to the west of Nairn:

Walking along the edge of the golf course:

We dropped down onto the beach when possible to do so.

Onto the beach looking back towards Nairn:

Walking along the beach towards Whiteness Head:

This is a lovely stretch of coast compared with some of the other sections of coast between Nairn and Inverness. As we continued along the beach, I stopped briefly to photograph a Yellowhammer.

A Yellowhammer:

Walking along the beach towards Whiteness Head:


As we progressed onto the spit of land leading out to Whiteness Head, we had to walk along a short section of pebbles. In due course there would be much more of this terrain to come.

Walking along the bank of pebbles:

Instead of following the grassy track marked on the map, which would have led us to a house located out on the spit, we stuck to walking along the edge of the water in the Carse of Delnies.

On the Carse of Delnies:

We were soon able to look across the short stretch of water to the old construction yard i.e. where we recently finished a walk from Fort George to the old construction yard. In order to ensure I walk the full coast, I will again be walking the coast from Nairn to the old construction yard. Today's walk was simply ensuring I walked the spit.

Looking across to the old construction yard at the Carse of Ardersier:

The house out on the spit is in an amazing location. The windows were all boarded up with iron shutters likely to prevent vandalism and/or squatters.

Approaching a house on the Whitness Head spit:

The track ends at the the house and beyond, at high tide, there is much walking on pebbles. I suspect at low tide you can walk along sandy beach.

Looking across towards the old construction yard:

The walk out to the end of the spit took longer than expected as the final 0.5km is not marked on the map. The OS map is wrong as far as the end of the spit is concerned.

Approaching the far end of Whiteness Head:

On reaching the far end, we stopped for a bite to eat and drink before returning back.

View from the far end of Whiteness Head:

Looking across to the Black Isle from the far end of Whiteness Head:

We again walked back along the pebbles as far as the house but then followed the grassy track such that we could visit the trig point during the return.

Walking back along the pebble spit:

At a lofty height of 4m, this must be one of the lowest trig points I have ever visited.

At the Whiteness Head trig point:

As the tide was now heading out, we were able to drop down onto the beach and continue the remainder of the walk back along the beach. This was ideal for Becky and Cuillin.

Walk back along the beach:

A race:


If doing this walk, I would recommend checking out the tides and doing this closer to low tide than high. It is a good walk.