Hill: Meall Buidhe
Date: Friday 7th April 2017
Company: Myself and Becky
Distance: 12.3km, Ascent: 635m
Time: 3Hrs 30Mins

En-route to Edinburgh Airport, for a holiday in Mallorca, I decided to bag a Munro. I opted for Meall Buidhe, a nice easy Munro located near the end of Glen Lyon. All going well this would be Becky's 14th Munro and my 171st, Round Two.

On reaching the starting point, I parked just across from a visitor information board.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

After getting suited and booted, Becky set off ahead while I took some photos of the Loch an Daimh dam.

Information for Visitors sign at start of walk:

Becky getting a headstart:

I couldn't recall much of this hill as it was a full eighteen years since my previous ascent. I did recall heading directly uphill from the parking area. This time I opted for a longer approach, following the landrover track marked on the OS Landranger map.

Loch an Daimh dam and Stuc an Lochain:

Looking back to dam:

As we made our way towards the start of the Landrover track we passed a large water pipe.

Passing a large water pipe:

Looking across to Ben Lawers range:

The Landrover track turned out to be nowhere near as good as expected. It was very wet underfoot.

Heading uphill via the landrover track marked on the map:

The MWIS forecast had suggested fairly good weather hence my desire to ascend a hill en-route to the airport. The reality however was somewhat different. The day was mostly cold and wet.

Incoming rain:

During the ascent I took a slight diversion to pick up a deflated birthday balloon. I have come across many deflated balloons on the hills. I guess they have to land somewhere!

We progressed as far as the end of the Landrover track before making our way towards Meall a' Phuill (878m top). From Meall a' Phuill we made our way round the coire rim towards the summit.

Looking back to Loch an Daimh:

Loch an Daimh:

Despite wearing two fleeces, Becky was feeling the cold so we did not hang around. It was a case of head to the summit, take a couple of photos then head back immediately. If you hang around unnecessarily on such days, you just get cold.

Following the coire rim:

Becky at the summit cairn of Meall Buidhe:

Heading back round the coire rim:

On reaching the ground between the summit and Meall a' Phuill we managed to escape the cold wind and had a brief stop.

A bit of shelter between the summit and the 878m top:

After walking a short distance on, I spotted something moving in the short heather. It was a Common Lizard. As it was standing still, I was able to pick it up to show Becky. Despite holding the lizard fairly gently, we were both surprised to see it shed its tail in an attempt to make an escape. The nerves in its tail caused the trail to wriggle very fast. This would normally attract the predator allowing the now tail-less lizard to escape unnoticed.

Once back onto the Landrover track, we followed it out to the car, stopping only to take the occasional photo.

Heading back down the landrover track:

On the wet landrover track:

Loch an Daimh dam:

Becky and Loch an Daimh dam:

On reaching the car we changed out of our walking gear in preparation for heading off on holiday. En-route to the airport we would also be doing a bit of sight-seeing i.e. visiting the Kelpies and Falkirk Wheel.