Hills: Angletarn Pikes and Brock Crags
Date: Wednesday 27th December 2017
Company: Myself and Ann-Marie
Distance: 9.7km, Ascent: 575m
Time: 3Hrs 50Mins

On Wednesday morning I drove from Keswick to Ambleside with a view to ascending Lingmoor Fell. However, on arriving at Elterwater the parking charges were somewhat off-putting as was the thought of undertaking such a short walk on what was turning out to be a stunning day. I next drove along Great Langdale, a road I had not travelled previously, looking for hills to potentially climb. The car parking charges were however even more expensive and I had no change. I therefore returned to Ambleside and made my way up Kirkstone Pass then towards Patterdale with a view to ascending some Eastern Lake District fells. I really don't mind paying a few pounds to park, if the money is used to repair tracks, etc. but £8 or £9 to park is extracting the urine!

I eventually parked at Bridgend with a view to ascending Angletarn Pikes and Brock Crags.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

After getting suited and booted, we followed a right of way through a field to reach the start of the track leading to Boredale Hause.


The track leading to Boredale Hause was very good as were the increasingly good views as height was gained.

Ascent towards Boredale Hause:

The view towards Patterdale and across to Helvellyn was simply stunning. It reminded me of my ascent of neighbouring Place Fell undertaken a few years previous.

Great views towards Patterdale:

Despite ascending Helvellyn twice previously, I have yet to ascend via Striding Edge or Swirral Edge. I therefore definitely need a third ascent to sample these Grade 1 ridges.

Looking across to Striding Edge, Helvellyn:

Before long we reached Boredale Hause, a junction of several tracks.

At Boredale Hause:

A short distance beyond Boredale Hause, I took an iPhone panorama shot of the stunning views.

Panorama taken during ascent of Angletarn Pikes:

We continued to follow the track which eventually skirted just below Angletarn Pikes. We left the track to ascend steeply to the rocky summit.

At the summit of Angletarn Pikes:

At the summit of Angletarn Pikes:

After taking a few photos at the summit, we carefully made our way down to below the crags and returned to the track.

Looking back to Angletarn Pikes summit crag:

However, instead of following the track which skirts Angle Tarn to the east, we opted to make our way directly towards Brock Crags.

Descent from Angletarn Pikes heading for Brock Crags:

To get to Brock Crags we had to ascend a rocky knoll which would appear to be called Cat Crag.

Looking back:

Angle Tarn:

The ascent of Brock Crags was straight-forward. As the day progressed the Helvellyn range were increasingly capped in cloud.

View during ascent of Brock Crags:

We reached the summit of Brock Crags more quickly than I expected. I am really looking forward to undertaking a traverse of the higher fells which lie behind Angletarn Pikes and Brock Crags - a walk along the High Street.

Approaching the summit of Brock Crags:

We didn't spend long at the summit before returning back roughly the same way as far as Angletarn Pikes. From below Angletarn Pikes we took a lower track leading back towards Boredale Hause.

At the summit of Brock Crags:

Looking back towards Angle Tarn and Brock Crags:

On reaching Boredale Hause, we returning to the car via our inbound route. The weather doesn't get much better than this, with the possible exception of the following day - report to follow .