Hills: Sron Chona Choirein and Stuc an Lochain
Date: Friday 19th April 2019
Company: Myself and Ann-Marie
Distance: 8.6km, Ascent: 755m
Time: 3Hrs 25Mins

After work on Thursday, I drove to Aberfeldy with a view to ascending Stuc an Lochain the following morning. As Anne-Marie was already in the area ascending the Carn Mairg group, we arranged to meet up with a view to both ascending Stuc an Lochain.

On Friday morning, we left one car in Fortingall and drove in the other to the end of Glen Lyon; there was no point driving two cars along the glen.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

We parked in the car park next to the Loch an Daimh dam for an ascent via the standard route. For the second week running, owing to an ongoing peroneal tendon injury, I opted to wear trail shoes instead of boots.

From the car park, we set off along the tarmac track leading to the top of the dam and then continued a short distance along the track to a large cairn marking the start of the hill track.

On the Loch an Daimh dam:

Having read several reports on the internet all advising that the path was steep and wet, I was prepared for wet feet. While the path certainly became steep, it was not particularly wet. Despite wearing trail shoes, I managed to keep my feet dry throughout the walk.

As we gained height, the views back to the dam were increasingly good.

Looking back to the Loch an Daimh dam:

The hill track commences fairly gently with a rising traverse before becoming much steeper via a much more direct ascent.

Rising traverse:

Loch an Daimh:

Thanks to the direct, steep ascent it didn't take long to gain height and reach the wide ridge.

Looking back towards Loch an Daimh during the steep ascent:

We passed numerous pink flowers during the ascent. Alas, I do not know the name of this flower.

Nice flowers:

Looking towards the 887m top:

Once onto the wide ridge the walk was very straight-forward. Having last ascended this hill >21 years ago, in snow, I could not recall much about this hill.

Onto the wide ridge:

Beyond the 887m top I had to stop to tape-up a hot spot to avoid it becoming a blister. We then briefly parted company as I ascended the short distance to the Munro Top, Sron Chona Choirein, while Ann-Marie stuck to the main track.

At the summit of Sron Chona Choirein:

We met up again on the main track and contined on to the summit after stopping to take some photographs of Stuc an Lochain and the lovely circular Lochan nan Cat.

Stuc an Lochain:

Stuc an Lochain and Lochan nan Cat:

Stuc an Lochain panorama:

Approaching the final ascent:

While it was good to reach the summit, the views were disappointing as it was very hazy.

At the summit of Stuc an Lochain:

After taking a couple of photos we returned to the car via the same route. We got back to the car 3Hrs 25Mins after setting off. Not too bad a time considering most reports on Walk Highlands seem to suggest 4 to 5Hrs.

Looking back from the starting point:

Once home and showered, I swapped car for van and headed out along the coast for a couple of nights with my daughter and dog. We ended up in Findhorn, which is a wonderful location, where we witnessed an outstanding sunset. The following photos are direct from the camera without any adjustment of contrast, brightness or saturation.

Findhorn sunset:

Findhorn Sunset:

Findhorn Sunset:

Findhorn Sunset:

A wonderful day with a wonderful ending.