Hills: Beinn Sgorabhaig
Date: Monday 6th May 2019
Company: Just myself
Distance: 3.4km, Ascent: 110m

I set off walking at 4.30 this morning to watch the sunrise from the summit of Beinn Sgorabhaig, the highest point on Scalpay. While it is possible to undertake a 10km circular walk taking in the hill and the lighthouse, in order to reach the summit before sunrise, I would be ascending the hill by the direct out and back route.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

While it was quite dark on commencing the walk, I did not need my headtorch for the track. I did however make use of my headtorch once off the track to increase visibility whilst making my way up the final ascent in order to avoid hags and bog.

Walking along the track at around 4.40am:

On reaching the summit, which didn't take long, I set up the tripod and camera and stood around in the cold for almost 30 minutes awaiting the sunrise. The ascent took less time than anticpated!

Getting set up to hopefully photograph the sunrise at the summit of Beinn Sgorabhaig:

There are two large cairns on Beinn Sgorabhaig both of which are above the 100m contour line on the map. I visited both. At 104m above sea level, Beinn Sgorabhaig is a HuMP (Hundred Metre Prominence Hill) and also a SIB (Significant Island of Britain).

I set the camera to manual in order to stop the camera from over-exposing all the photos which I find automatic tends to do in the dark.

At the summit of Beinn Sgorabhaig:

The Rubh an Eorna lighthouse forms part of the longer circular walk.

View towards the Rubh an Eorna lighthouse:

Looking across to North Harris I could see a dusting of snow on the top of An Cliseam. I could also clearly make out the Scalpay bridge.

View from Tarbert to An Cliseam including the Scalpay bridge:

Scalpay bridge (zoom):

Shiants (zoom):

According to the MetOffice app, sunrise on Scalpay was at 5.24. However, as there was cloud on the horizon, I had to wait a few extra minutes to see the sun. It was lovely to see the sunrise next to the Shiant Islands.

Sunrise from the summit of Beinn Sgorabhaig:

During the descent the views got better and better as the sun popped above the cloud creating crepuscular rays below.

Nice rays during descent:

Nice view during descent:

View circa 30 minutes after sunrise:

On reaching the track I followed it back out to the van and was glad to get the kettle on as it was only 2C at the van and I had been standing about waiting for around 45 minutes.

Back onto the track:

Always great to watch the sun rise and set.