Yesterday afternoon, I drove from Ribblehead to Malham Tarn where I parked-up for the evening with a view to visiting Malham Cove in the morning. Seeing Malham Cove has been on my bucketlist for a number of years.

In the morning I set off from Malham village up the road leading towards the cove and then along an excellent quality track leading to the cove itself. There were numerous sheep and cattle on and around the track.

Malham Cove is one seriously impressive limestone formation. It was allegedly formed by a waterfall carrying meltwater from glaciers at the end of the last Ice Age more than 12,000 years ago.

I initially visited the base of the cove where I took several pictures and a brief video clip before ascending around 400 steps to the left of the cove to reach the limestone pavement above.

Malham Cove:

Had the weather been nicer, I would have been content to spend most of the day here.

Ascending the track up Malham Cove:

View during ascent of Malham Cove:

View during ascent of Malham Cove:

The limestone at the top of the cove is fairly polished from all the footfall and is definitely slippery when wet. This got me thinking of the old Bon Jovi album of the same name.

At the top of Malham Cove:

Limestone pavement at the top of Malham Cove:

I then returned down the 400 steps somewhat slowly due to old, aching knees before returning back to Malham.

Looking back to Malham Cove on walk back to Malham:

If you ever visit the Yorkshire Dales visiting Malham Cove is as much of a must as ascending Ingleborough.

From Malham, I drove to Skipton for an ascent of Sharp Haw, an easy Sub2000ft Marilyn. On arriving in Skipton, I drove to Bog Lane to reach the start of the track.

Hills: Sharp Haw
Date: Sunday 28th July 2019
Company: Just myself
Distance: 4.3km, Ascent: 140m
Time: 1Hr

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Not much to say about the ascent, just follow the track to the summit. I suspect this hill, which is located at the southern edge of the Yorkshire Dales, would be a great viewpoint on a good day. Today was not however a good day.

Start of track leading to Sharp Haw:

Initial track leading towards Sharp Haw:

Beyond the initial section of hard track the underfoot conditions were quite boggy. Despite this I passed several people walking their dogs one of which I wasn't too happy with as his lab ran at me and was jumping all over me. I love dogs but owners should keep their dogs under control.

Track leading to Sharp Haw:

Approaching the summit of Sharp Haw:

Had the day been nicer I could happily have sat at the bench admiring the views.

Bench and stile just below the summit:

After taking a photo from the summit, I continued back to the van via exactly the same route.

At the summit of Sharp Haw:

Subsequent to the walk, I decided not to drive any further south but instead return to the Lake District where I will hopefully get a walk undertaken tomorrow. Alas the forecast is for more low cloud, rain and drizzle.