Hill: Beinn nam Imirean (Auchessan to Inverhaggernie)
Date: Saturday 1st August 2009
Company: Just me
Time: 4hrs 25mins
Dog friendly: No (Fences, sheep & cattle)

On Friday 31st July I ascended Ben Challum. During the walk, I really liked the look of the South-West ridge of Beinn nam Imirean. On Friday evening, I had a look at the map on the wall of By the Way Hostel to check out potential routes for Beinn nam Imirean, including the South-West ridge. Getting across the River Fillan would be crucial for any route.

On the map, I could see three bridges across it -
1) at Auchessan (the normal starting point),
2) At Inverhaggernie (near Crianlarich)
3) at Kirkton Farm (the starting point for Ben Challum).

On Saturday, Bob dropped me off at Auchessan. My intended route was to ascend to the summit of Beinn nam Imirean but thereafter I was undecided other than I needed to return to Tyndrum. Waterproofs were on from the outset. I set off through the gate next to the house at Auchessan and then made my way up the right-bank of the tributary burn of Allt Essan.

Click here to see a map of the route undertaken

Starting point at Auchessan (through this gate):

The River Fillan and all the burns were very much in spate.

Burn in spate (near Auchessan):

Ascent path (lower slopes):

After a kilometre or so of ascent I come across an unusual fence. The fence has bits of bamboo cane tied to it at regular intervals.

Unusual fence:

Burn in spate (higher-up):

I crossed the burn and headed towards Meall Garbh a bit earlier than suggested in the SMC Corbett book.

Looking back to Auchessan:

Looking towards summit of Beinn nam Imirean:

During the ascent, I come across lots of large boulders which I thought were the same type of rock as The Cobbler?

Large rocks:

Meall Ghlas:


View towards Lix Toll:

Loch Essan & Creag Liaragan:

After 2hrs and 05 minutes of ascent I reached the summit cairn.

Summit of Beinn nam Imirean:

At the summit I realised that I did not have my GPS with me and I had also left OS Map 50 in the hostel. I therefore had no map for the descent towards Inverhaggernie. Despite having no map and no GPS I decided to try and head for the bridge at Inverhaggernie anyway.

Looking down South-West ridge:

Was nice to see Ben Challum, which I ascended the day previous.

Ben Challum from Beinn nam Imirean:

During the descent of the South-West ridge, I passed an unusual band of quartz. (Similar to one on nearby Corbett Beinn Udlaidh.


I followed the SW ridge for some time, however, the undulating got a bit tiresome after a while so I descended into the glen between Beinn nam Imirean and Ben Challum.

Ben Challum and Lochan Cheilein:

After crossing a few kilometres of wet ground I eventually come to the start of a track near the top of the forest leading down to Inverhaggernie. I found a couple of antlers along the way.

Looking back to South-West ridge of Beinn nam Imirean:

The track down to Inverhaggernie was very wet and boggy. There were lots of vehicle tracks on it along with some large reels of cable and piping. Must be running a large cable underground there for some reason.

Track leading down to Inverhaggernie:

Track leading down to Inverhaggernie:

I eventually reached Inverhaggernie, and had to climb a wall and a fence to get around two large fences, before reaching the bridge over the River Fillan.

Bridge at Inverhaggernie:

On reaching the main road, I tried hitching a lift without success. I therefore walked a further four miles along the road back to Tyndrum .