Hill: Hill of Tillymorgan
Date: Friday 18th December 2009
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 1Hr 20Mins

A brief report of a short Marilyn ascended yesterday.

Hill of Tillymorgan in distance (photo taken from my house earlier today):

Hill of Tillymorgan was confirmed as a Marilyn in March 2009.

I parked at Kirkton Farm near Kirkton of Culsamond. Kirkton of Culsamond is just off the A96 near Morgan McVeigh's in Glens of Foudland. I asked permission to park at the farm and got a very friendly, "Yes, no problem".

Sign at Kirkton Farm:

At the farm there is a ruin manse and small graveyard.

The Old manse:

Across the A96 from Hill of Tillymorgan is Hill of Foudland which is another sub2000ft Marilyn.

Hill of Foudland:

The ground was frozen solid with just a light dusting of snow on top. I followed the track through several fields before entering a small wood.

Track towards Hill of Tillymorgan:

Looking back towards Bennachie:

Bennachie (zoomed):

Heading into the woods:

I left the main track in the woods and ended up at a barbed-wire fence at the top of the wood. I had to follow the fence for a few hundred metres before I found a bit with a gap underneath large enough to get Beinn underneath. As I approached the summit I passed several abandoned quarries. Slate used to be mined on this and neighbouring Hill of Foudland.

One of many abandoned quarries:

Lots of discarded slate:

Approaching summit trig point:

Glens of Foudland Windfarm:



Quite good views of Bennachie from the summit which is a fantastic Sub2000ft Marilyn - a very well-known North-East hill.

Bennachie from summit (zoomed):

Morven? from summit:

Hill of Foudland: