Hills: Easaval and Arnaval (South Uist)
Date: Wednesday 18th August 2010
Company: Myself and Beinn
Time: 1Hr 15Mins and 1Hr 45Mins
Dog friendly: Yes, except for fence on Trinival

I wasn't really planning to ascend hills today, however, I managed to squeeze in a couple of small ones during a trip to South Uist. I parked beside a church for the ascent of Easaval. I then walked down the main road for approximately 50m until reaching the start of a track.

Track towards Easaval:

I followed the track, passing through a couple of gates, before taking to the hillside.

Looking back to start:

It was pretty-much a case of head up avoiding the deep heather.

View towards Beinn Mhor:

Lochboisdale from summit of Easaval:

On reaching the large summit cairn, I checked my GPS to confirm if I was at the actual summit. There are numerous cairns near the top of this hill.

Beinn bagging the summit cairn:

I headed for one of the more Southerly cairns before returning to the starting point. This cairn provided a good viewpoint for Eriskay.

Eriskay from Easaval:

After a visit to Lochboisdale, which didn't take long as there is very little there, we headed to the road-end to the South of Loch Eynort From the road-end, I ascended directly, and steeply, up Trinival.

Loch Eynort:

There is a barbed-wire fence running across Trinival. Beinn managed to squeeze through between the two bottom wires – thanks to me standing on the bottom wire while pulling on the next wire up.

Sheaval from Trinival:

Loch Eynort from Trinival:

Arnaval from Trinival:

From the summit of Trinival, I descended to the Bealach Arnaval, losing around 100m of height. The ascent of Arnaval was quite straight-forward.

Ascent of Arnaval from Bealach Arnaval:

View towards Stulaval:

Beinn Mhor from summit of Arnaval:

Beinn at summit of Arnaval:

From the summit, I returned to Bealach Arnaval via the same route. I then attempted to skirt round Trinival. Skirting Trinival was slow progress and I ended up getting fed up and heading back over the top of it. As this was a family day out (despite bagging two Marilyns) we visited beaches. The beach on Benbecula near Borve was quite nice, with views of Beinn Mhor in the background.

Becky and Beinn on beach in Benbecula:

Beinn on beach:

Beinn on beach:

Becky on Beach: