Hill: Millstone hill
Date: Wednesday 6th October 2010
Company: Just me
Time: 1Hr 10Mins
Dog friendly: Yes

Of all the Marilyns I have logged, I had a degree of uncertainty about one of them – Millstone hill.

I have been up Bennachie literally dozens of times, including as part of the Gordon Way. I recalled that I had ascended a top of Bennachie from the Donview car park in the late 80s. In those days hills were just hills and maps were not used very often. Such a long time ago, memory not what it used to be. Was it Millstone hill I had ascended? Pretty-sure it was, but I wanted to be 100% certain, so I ascended it today after work.

I parked in the Donview Car Park where there is room for around 10 cars.

Donview Car Park:

There is a sign giving lots of information about Bennachie and its' tops near the start.

Map and info about Bennachie:

There was no need for a map, just follow the signs and the well-constructed path.

Sign towards Millstone hill:

Near the start, there were several trees lying across the path, I assume blown down in recent winds.

One of several trees lying across the path:

Path through tall trees:

Really good path all the way up, although some of the steps would be quite high for little legs.

Steps up the hill:

Stone steps and a pine-needle path:

View across to Pitfichie Hill and Cairn William:

River Don:


Mither Tap of Bennachie appearing above Millstone hill:

Bennachie is a great hill – very well known in North-East. Milllstone hill is just one of many tops of Bennachie. At the summit I realised I had 100% definitely been up this hill previously.

Mither Tap from summit cairn of Millstone hill:

Looking towards Oxencraig (highest top of Bennachie):

Mither Tap (zoomed):

Mither tap is very prominent. Two hard climbs near the summit – Mitherficker and Fingerficker. 

Mither Tap from summit of Millstone hill:

Five years since I've been up Bennachie. Think it needs a re-visit soon. I returned to the car via the same route. Nice to get up a wee hill after work.